Saturday, February 5, 2011


omg second time my computer crashed  just before I finished this post. AAAARRRRGGGGH!!!!

OK in a nutshell the flight from Auckland to LA was good except for turbulance and I didnt sleep much but I watched Anne of Green Gables and The Switch on my tv screen. I slept on the flights between LA and Orlando. At Orlando it wasnt even cold even though it was really late at night but it was so exciting to catch the magical express to Pop Century which was were I was staying. I was really tired when I finally got to my room so I talked to the person I was sharing with for a few minutes, showered and then was asleep really quickly.

Everything is going really well and I will write soon with more details

PS The roomate trailer was just on and my friend Sarah says she is not going to watch it cause we have roomates here. Lol!!!


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