Thursday, February 24, 2011


Everyone in Canterbury I hope you are okay!!!

Okay so I know this is out of order but another earthquake in Christchurch totally demands it!!! So I had an 11 hour shift on Monday and I get home exhausted and find my mum has written on my facebook about the earthquake. America is so slow about getting World News that most people still don't know about it 3 days later!!! Anyway so I was completely panicked because everyone was saying people had died this time and it was way worse than the September earthquake which was aweful and something I know everyone was hoping they would never have to live through again...and now this...

After hearing this news I of course checked in at home to make sure everyone was okay and I now know all my family is and most of my friends but there are still a lot of people that I know who haven't posted on facebook which is my only means of communication with them - so please if you are okay tell us!!!!

On Tuesday when I went to work only a couple of the tourists and 1 of my co-workers had heard, American's are so backward when it comes to World News!! Anyway we have been fielding a lot of questions about the earthquake and if anyone we know was hurt as all of the Kiwi's over here pretty much know someone in or around Chrsitchurch.

My roommate Sam is from Christchurch but all her family is safe and then my other roommate has a few family and friends in Christchurch who are safe too!! but both Sam and I and others from Canterbury have friends who we still haven't heard anything about which is really scary for us!!

Well enough with the depressing stuff maybe I should talk about the most magical place on earth to help take our minds of the horror.
I will continue with what happened today and then write another post soon to fill in the gaps.

Today was my day off and as our class 'Disney Interactive Learning' was on today and had a field trip to Magic Kingdom. I decided to go to Magic Kingdom early and fill in some of the gaps with rides that I hadn't done yet. I was supposed to go with Loren and Sarah but they decided that they wanted to go to Animal Kingdom, so I ended up going with Hadassah who is in my class and who I know from work. We first went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which was actually really good and funny - I will definitely do that again. Then we went to see Rapunzel but apparently we wouldn't get to see her until 2.15pm and it was 11.30am which was a bit of a fail (I think it actually was 12.15pm but the guy told us 2.15pm) so we decided not to wait and went to Philharmagic instead. I love this show so so so much!! We then saw Pinocchio so I got a photo with him. And tthen we went on Peter Pan's Flight which had like a 40 min wait but was really cool!!

After Peter Pan we headed to Liberty Square which was where we had to meet for class but we stil had an hour and a half til we had to meet so we went on the Liberty Ferry around Tom Sawyer Island which was nice and relaxing in the warm sun!!! Then we went to Sleepy Hollow and I tried a funnel Cake cause everyone said they were really good but it just like fried batter and pretty gross actually I only had a few bites. American's have a weird sense of what good food is!!

For our class we went on a scavenger hunt and our team was the first team back so we hope we win the prize! fingers crossed!! I was with Courtney, Amanda and another girl Caitlyn. We got the Liberty Square scavenger hunt which was funny as that is the America themed land and three of our team were not even american. But we did awesome and met some really helpful people. The only issue was when we checked on our photos at the end of the day three of them were missing from the camera so we had to email our teacher and explain/beg that it wouldn't matter.

The funniest thing happend though - while Amanda and Caitlyn went on Haunted Mansion to find answers to some questions on the trivia page Courtney and I had to find some things on the scavenger hunt. One of which was take a photo of two teammates with an icecream cart menu board - as we were by ourselves we had to ask some tourists to take it and they looked at us so strangely, taking a photo (disney pointing) at an ice cream cart menu!!!!!

Fingers crossed we win though!!

Tomorrow I am going to Hollywood Studios with Sarah so will be a fun day will go see Beauty and the Beast finally!!!!

Stay Safe

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