Sunday, February 13, 2011


so it happened again when I had wriiten a long post and the computer screwed up when I went to post it. Guttered!!

Anyway so on Monday we did not do all that much we had to go to this four hour meeting in the morning and be told heaps of stuff about housing and work and social security all the important stuff. And we filled out forms but we also found out where we were working and I am working at Hollywood Studios which is sooo much better than a resort. yay!!!! We also got our housing Ids. When mine first came out it said I was under 21 and so did two of my friends so we had to get new ones so we wouldn't get done for drinking by security. lol!!

Tuesday we didn't do alot just hung out mostly. And got our training schedules for the next few days.
I was in afternoon Traditions class on Wednesday which sucked because after traditions is the first time we can go to the parks and we couldn't because we finished so late.

Traditions was not too bad except for the first half hour we had to watch a really boring video. Yawn!!!
We got to go to Magic Kingdom though which was so so so so much fun!!!! We went in the utilidors and I was so glad I wasn't working at Magic Kingdom cause I thought that I would lost every day. When Cameron (our leader) opened this big door onto Main Street USA (think Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) we all had giant eyes and our mouths were open wide. It was like we were seven years old again. It was awesome. Full of Magic!!

We were only allowed to stay at Magic Kingdom for about 30 mins and then we had to leave. But when we got back we got a visit from the mouse himself. That was cool. Some people got really excited!!! Mickey asked us questions and I got one of them right so he personally gave me a pluto critter. Which is really neat. We also got given our name badges and disney ids. Yay!!!

Since we couldn't go to a park I put on Australia tattoos and went out with Matt and Loren and some other kiwi's and aussies to cicis - which is a all u can eat pizza place which is really cheap like $3.

I kind of felt like I was cheating on my country a wee bit. But at least everyone thought that us idiots were from Oz!! Lol!!

Next post will be on training!


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