Thursday, February 17, 2011

Training, Everest and Epcot

Well we are getting so far behind that I am going to put as much into this post as possible. On Thursday I had my first day of training. It was ok but also pretty boring, my roommate Laura and I had the same class so we had to get up really early so we were pretty tired and we had to watch all these online learning modules where we were almost falling asleep. After class I met up with Narelle, Sonia and some of their friends at the Animal Kingdom. We watched Finding Nemo The Musical which was amazing. The props and puppets are awesome and so so colourful and the technologies used are really breathtaking. After that we went on Expedition Everest which is a really cool rollar coaster. Except that through the whole line full of information on Everest, Nepal etc there is no mention at all of Sir Ed which I thought was a bit rude :).

After that we caught the bus home because their was a pirate themed welcome party that night at Patterson Court. We got to meet Pirate Mickey- sooo exciting!! I had my first Cherry cola (which wasn't half bad - just really sweet) and I made some new friends. Most importantly Cody who is a really good friend of ours now. Those of us over 21 decided we would go get a drink at Downtown Disney which was really funnny because there really isnt anywhere to dance at Downtown Disney so we settled for a drink at some restaurant bar. We had a pretty funny night and made lots of new friends on the bus home. lol!!

On Friday I had orientation at Hollywood Studios which was pretty fun. We got shown the park and learned all about its history. Afterwards we got our costumes and mine is hideous - honest and truly!! After that I went to Hollywood Studios with Cody for a couple of hours we did the Hollywood Tower Hotel ride (aka Tower of Terror) whic I was really nervous about but wasnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. Cody was squeezing my knee the whole ride though! lol! Then we went on the Aerosmith Rock 'n Rollarcoaster where you go from 0-60 in sixty seconds.It was really cool, but kind of short. Then we saw Woody and Buzz which was so much fun and went on Muppets 3D which was really funny!!

On Saturday I had training at my workplace which was ok because we moved around heaps and learnt all the different stations that I have to work at - none of them glamourous. But I had a pretty good trainer so it was okay and we got free food while we were training and working at quick food we get free drinks as well. A girl from Australia was training with me so we hung out during break beacuse she was in a different shop with Sunset Ranch Market. I can work at either Rosie's which sells burgers or Eddie's that sells Pizza. That day was pretty long though. But I had Sunday and Monday off which was good.

On Sunday Cody, Courtney, Sarah and I spent the day at Epcpt which was really cool. Epcot is my favourite park!! We went on Soarin' which is the most amazing ride! it is exquisite but it is worth it to wait for a front row. We also went on Spaceship Earth where you ride through the past with extremely realistic looking figures and then create your own future on your little computer screen by answering questions. It is also reallly cool. We went on Mission: Space which is like real Astronaught training and as we went on the orange level instead of green we experienced real g-forces during take-off and landing. It did make me feel queasy for a while though. The funnest ride while we were there though was the Norway ride the Maelstrom it is soo fun!! We also were recruits and helped Kim Possible save Norway at the World Showcase from the bad guys. It is amazing the technology and imagineering that goes into that attraction. We had lunch at USA and then said goodbye to Courtney and explored the World Showcase a bit more. We visited Canada and the UK where we met Kaz and Ruth from England and had Fush and Chups but it wasn't real fish and chips (it wasnt even British fish and chips) which kind of sucked. We also went to France and met Julien and Sandrine who actually worked at Disneyland Paris usually they are cultural representatives over here. They invited me to come see them if I ever got to Disney in Paris.

After that we met up with Loren who had just finished work and rode Soarin again and then rode Test Track which is also an amazing piece of technology. You go through a real test drive for a car testing brakes and heat resistance and speed etc. Then we watched IllumiNations, the fireworks show at Epcot which is the best out of all the fireworks in my opinion.

After IllumiNations we went to the Boardwalk where we had been invited by KAz and Ruth but they were unable to make it so we just ate and then went home but I did meet Markus who I talked to at the Bakery and then we met Riyad on the bus coming home where the funniest thing happened to Cody but we are unable to repeat it cause he is soo embarressed about it.

Tomorrow...The Magic Kingdom!!!


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