Friday, October 14, 2011

Up till now

OMG so October has fully been the best month ever and hopefully will continue to be awesome! I am not sure if I posted this but my trip to New York City is all booked for next week I am going with Brittany and Hannah who are both from New Zealand too - so it is kinda cool that I actually have Kiwi friends now seen as for my first 6 months I hung out with mostly Aussies Lol! Anyway I am super excited about that and I have been busy working heaps which is kinda hard to do where I work because the hours are so limited at Epic a full day -open to close is 8.30am-6.30pm and at Jedi a full day is usually 8.00am-8/9pm, so I have been trying to work full days lately. This week I worked over 50 hours which is good because this weeks paycheck goes in the day after I go to NYC so I can used my allready saved money for the first day and the my paycheck for the rest of the days. I really hope to be able to see Museum of Natural History, The Met, Rockerfeller Centre, Tiffany's, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Times Square and like a million broadway shows!!!

Anyway I am trying to update with everything that has happened up till now. So what has happened?

Well the Epcot Food and Wine Festival started at the beginning of October. I went last week with Sarah. It was pretty neat, but we spent so much money trying all the food. It is really cool because they have a New Zealand Stall which sells Scallops with a Kumara (yes they actually used the word!!) and red curry paste and then they had 'Lamb Sliders' - sliders is a word Americans use for a very small burger - do not get me started with this though because first of all we don't have "sliders" in New Zealand and second of all it is practically blasphemous to use Lamb mince in a burger! That is what beef is for! Lamb is premium meat it should be used for chops!! Which is ironic because at the Australian stall they have Lamb chops - Where do these people get there information??? I did have some Mohua Savignon Blanc from NZ though it was very nice!! We also had lamingtons at Australian (fully English!) they were okay they just tasted kindof hard like they had been frozen and then unfrozen. The Apple Strudel from Germany was amazing and I cannot wait to try some more!!! Yummy!!! The most dissappointing part was the raviolli from Italy; while it was good it just tasted like something you could buy frozen at the supermarket and I was expecting so much more. The best thing however was les escargots from France. It was delicious I am converted. It was my first time eating snails but I just tried not to think abbout it when I ate the first one and I actually really enjoyed - I even have pictures which I will put on facebook lol!

This week has been so much fun - yesterday my Aussie friend Loren came back. She has a job on the Disney Dream Cruise ship which is the new Disney Cruise ship that just launched in January. She starts on Sunday morning and is at Disney World for Traditions etc. It was so amazing to catch up with her - we met up yesterday morning at Magic Kingdom and we were supposed to meet by security but she surprised me by meeting me off the cast bus at TTC and I fully didn't see her untill she walked right up too me I was so surprised and excited lol! We spent a beautiful morning at Magic Kingdom, we went on Space Mountain and I finally went to the Enchanted Tiki room which was hillarious with all these crazy sining birds it was so weird. We also watched PhilharMagic which I haven't seen in forever. I haven't really been to any of the parks much since Loren left in July actually. After that we met up with Jill and Sarah and after talking with the Mayor of Magic Kingdom for a while we went to the Laugh Floor which was cool because they had changed the first part of the show so I had never seen that bit before. Then we had lunch at Pinocchio's Village Haus. After Lunch Jill had work but Loren, Sarah and I went to Hollywood Studios where we rode Star Tours and I was able to use my awesome influence to get VIP seats for Indiana Jones - a show that Loren never saw before she left. She had always wanted to be an extra in the show too - so we made that happen. Aaah so nice to know people in the right places.
After that we neede to head home to get our passports as our ids and tehn we went to Epcot where we watched Billy Ocean - so exciting!!! He sang When the going gets tough! Loved it way better than this weird middle aged Latino singer who none knew, and obviously hadnt made it big, that Sarah and I saw when we went the first time. I also had the snails again!!
After Illuminations I met up with Kimie and Angela from work and we went to Jellyrolls it was fun but not as rocking as it usually is -so we ended up heading home at 1130pm -pretty early for a night out lol!! I also do not know wat I was drinking but wen I got home I felt really sick and I had only had one drink - I know there was vodka in it but it tasted kinda licorice-y.

Today I picked up a shift at Epic and had the best day of work ever - this Make A Wish family came in and I found them and seated them in VIP and then we got the little boy a Mickey Mouse dressed as Indiana Jones plushie (soft toy) and got them to meet Indiana Jones and he gave the boy a signed hat and they had photos and I orchestrated it all, with help of course. We were so happy after work that we had made Magic for the family and tehy were so happy about it too. It was funny cause this other lady was watching and she was all teary and taking pictures of it and was like 'i don't even know these people and I am so happy about it' lol! Was best day! especially cause Kimie, Courtney and I also booked a cruise for Bahamas on Disney Dream from Nov 6-9. It is gonna be so much fun I can't wait!!

Have a Magical Day


Friday, October 7, 2011

Boo to You!

"This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. This is Halloween, This is Halloween."

So Halloween is absolutely insane in the US. About a month and a half ago, Halloween candy, decorations and costumes started appearing all over the place - at Walmart, at Walgreens, at Disney! It is amazing though too -they really go in fo it here. And of course we already know that, but it is just very different from experiencing it for yourself.

Courtney and I decided we were going to go to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party on the 23rd of September as Cast Members got a discount  on tickets but only through September - cause in October it starts getting busier and there is only a certain amount of tickets available.

This was a pretty last minute decision though, as I recall we made it on Wednesday, on Thursday I went to Hollywood Studios to buy the tickets from Company D (this is a cast exclusive shop) and then later that night we went to Walmart to buy costumes - I was Athena and Courtney was a Crayon!
Side note - the bus ride home was a nightmare we didn't end up leaving Walmart until 45 minutes after we were supposed to leave and the bus driver left us standing outside in the rain and forked lightning for half of that. Then we were supposed to stop at Vista first, but the bus driver took us to Chatham, Commons and then Vista - so much drama.

Friday I finished work at 5.45pm, but Courtney didn't finish until 7.30pm so I just hung out in our break room until she was done and then we got changed at costuming and just missed the bus to the TTC by a minnute so we took another bus to the Contemporary where we boarded the resort monorail - this was lucky actually as the express monorail was broken. I think we made pretty good time. We got to Magic Kingdom just after 8.30 so it only took us an hour to get changed and ready, and get all the way to MK.

When we got there we were just intime for the Boo to You parade, but we did miss the headless horseman, who rides the parade route first (so I need to go back to see that as Sleepy Hollow is one of my favourite scary movies - especially when I was younger! lol

We did get to see all the characters out trick or treating and the villains and the grave diggars from Haunted Mansion - it was an awesome parade - the best part of the whole night. After that we went and got a place to watch Hallo-Wishes. Which is the Halloween version of the Wishes fireworks. It was good, but I think normal Wishes is better and I was expecting so much more of them as all the other fireworks displays I have seen have blown me away!

After Hallo-Wishes we rode on Haunted Mansion - an absolute must at Halloween, It was so cool because all of the cast members had ghostly make-up on and their hair was done - it was amazing. I really wanted to work there just for the Halloween days! Then we went trick or treating around the park and ended up with a multitude of "candy". Unfortunately half of the lollies over here aren't that good so I have barely eaten any of it! Oh well it was the getting of the candy that was fun!!!

We also rode Space Mountain and Whinnie the Pooh and the Carousel and I bought my Halloween Souvenir Popcorn bucket. I have no idea how I am going to get these popcorn buckets home I now have four! The night was pretty fun, we got photos with the genie and with Terk and Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage. I was guttered as Tarzan was taking pics with Terk, so we got in line specifically to get a pic with Tarzan, but he left literally after the group in front of us - it was very dissappointing as they hadn't even told us he would be leaving!

The ride home was not pleasant - the only mode of transportation back to the TTC was the boat and it was so packed we were only allowed through onto the second boat and that was basically by inching ourselves in front of other people for 20 minutes filling in any space forward possible! Lol

Anyway that was my first experience with Halloween and I cannot wait till the real Halloween, some of my work mates said they might tae me trick or treating to the rich part of orlando, and I really want to go to Halloween Horror Nights but I am so scared it is supposed to be really scary, like people chasing you with chainsaws scary!!!

Write soon


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

May the Force be with you!

So about 3 weeks ago I was crosstrained at the Jedi Training Academy. This means that I now get scheduled either at Indiana Jones or at Jedi. The Jedi Training Academy is a pretty cool experience for 4-12 year olds 'cause they get to learn a light saber routine and then fight the "dark side", usually they get to fight Darth Vader but sometimes they fight Darth Maul. It is pretty funny watching the kids fight. Some of them are really into it and practically smack Vader around instead of doing what the Jedi master is telling them to do and then some of the little ones barely hit anything, but they are so cute.

On Thursday that week Ashlea, Sheila, Angela and I went to Animal Kingdom which was fun we rode on Everest twice and Dinosaur and Kali River Rapids and We went on Safari which was cool, because although we didn't see many other animals we had an awesome view of the Lion which never happens! We also got our pictures taken with the characters which I haven't done in Forever!!!!

The best news came aswell, my friend Loren who left in July got a job on board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship and will be coming back on October 11th for traditions and then to start her job - so we are all very excited to see her again! Life at Disney has been less adventurous since Loren left. At the moment I am trying to find someone to take my shift on the 12th so I can hang out with her the whole day!

The last few weeks I have mostly just worked and slept as I am in the process of trying to save for my trip to New York City in tw weeks!!! aah so close!

Ashlea and I one wednesday ended up going to Florida Mall, which was fun as I hadn't been to the Mall yet while I have been here. It was massive and it wasn't even a large mall - it was tiny apparently. To give some perspective it was probably about 4 times the sie of Riccarton Mall. I was so lost but they luckily had maps! We went to Forever 21 which is now my new favourite store - I loved the clothes they had there! and so cheap you could get tops for like $5! CRAZY!! We also went to Victoria's Secret which was pretty fun - they had some really nice things there! Lol! Then we went to Macy's which looks just like Farmers except it is all brands like Ralph Lauren and GAP and everything costs like $200! We also went to American Eagle and JCPenney and a few other shops. I am going to try and go back there before my trip to NYC because I need some warmer clothes!

Well I will try and write soon about Hallowe'en