Sunday, October 31, 2010

Next Hallowe'en =)

So today is Hallowe'en or All Hallow's Eve. The day when people dress up in scary masks to scare off the evil spirits before All Saint's Day on November 1st.

I am quite excited to experience Hallowe'en next year. When I was 8 and we came to the US it was for four weeks during September and October, but we left in mid October and so I never got to experience the excitement of a dressed up, lolly filled Hallowe'en. In New Zealand very rarely do you see houses decorated or trick or treaters or anything so it will be really fun to see the American's go all out for this consumerised holiday.

I saw last week's episode of Glee and if youare familliar with it you will know about Sue's Corner. Anyway last week she was talking about Hallowe'en and she said it was a time 'where parents dress their little boys up as little girls and little girls up as whores'. The way she says really offensive things with a completely serious tone is really very funny.

Anyway, I was going to tell that I have now bought my tickets to Orlando and they are non-refundable so I will have to go now.

All up the tickets (from Christchurch to Orlando) will cost $NZ1499. It really isn't too bad coz that is with all the airport taxes etc put in and the travel agent's fee.

My schedule is this:
Jan 20 - 12pm - 1.20pm Christchurch to Auckland
               3.10pm - 6.35am Auckland to LA
               12.30pm-5.44pm LA to Houston
               6.45pm-10.02pm Houston to Orlando

And then a group of us are going to organise to stay at one of the Disney Value Hotels which will work out tyo be only about $US20 a night if there is a few of us.
So yeah should be fun to meet up with people beforehand.

Tuesday is my visa interview so I will be heading up to Auckland for the day. My flight leaves at 6.40am and I have to be at the airport before 6.00am so will have to get up a 5am. Not a fun start to the day. After my interview I have some time to kill, so will probably do some window shopping or maybe go the museum. It is Melbourne Cup day so I hope it is a lucky day and I get my Visa. =)

Well, I will inform you of how my Visa Interview goes


Friday, October 22, 2010


Well, first of all thank you to anyone out there who is actually reading this. It is very strange to think that other people are reading your thoughts and happenings but it is also nice to think that we aren't just blathering away to ourselves.

It has been a couple of weeks since I last updated because I have been really busy first with work and then with Uni. Only one more day and then fingers crossed I will have passed my last two courses and be able to graduate in December. Yay!!!

Okay so I have finally managed to fill out all those ridiculous forms for the US embassy (I mean seriously if you are going to the US to become a terrorist or prostitute are you really going to tick yes?). Anyway I suppose some people might just be that idiotic!

My visa appointment is booked. Yay!! for the 2nd of November at 10am. The flight will get into Auckland at 8am barring any issues and that leaves me two hours to get to the embassy. So I do have some time incase of plane delay or traffic etc. If I get to the City early there is always window shopping - not real shopping no matter how much I would love to, because I am saving. Although whenever I get bummed about not getting to buy new, pretty, shiny things I just think of all the really cheap new, pretty, shiny things I can buy once I get to Florida. Yay!!

Okay so am totally excited about Auckland trip. Not so excited about sorting out plane tickets. They have gone up by a few hundred since I last checked so I want to get them sorted next week. At the moment I am waiting to hear back from my travel agent regarding cheapest airfares so hopefully they can get me a good deal.

Well I will sign off now and write more either after I have booked my flights or after my Visa Interview which ever happens first.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick Update

Tena koutou katoa,

well my disney welcome pack finally arrived today. I was so excited when I saw the courier pull up in front of my flat and then I got all freaked out because I thought that the package might be for one of my flatmates, but it wasn't! So, yay!!

Anyway...I have now officially read all of the information in the Disney Welcome Pack - which is exciting and scary at the same time because it is all starting to feel really real.

Next week I am heading home to Timaru for a few days to earn some dollars working and while there I am going to go to my travel agent and hopefully book my flights both to Orlando and to Auckland to get my visa. Exciting stuff!

I can't believe it is October already. I mean it does not feel that long since I was applying and having my interview and it was almost 5 months ago! It really is frightening how time goes so quickly - especially as we get older. Time goes way faster now than it did when I was a kid!

Well that's it from me for the moment. I don't have much more exciting news unless people are interested in the fact that I have to give TWO presentations on Thursday and that I have a test and two essays due in only two weeks!! Eeek two and a half weeks and hopefully my university life will be over.

Will blog again soon,