Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last days of Training

Okay so after my two luxurious days of exploring the parks I had to head back to work which really sucked. At this stage I was working 8 1/2 hour shifts and my feet, unused to standing on concrete for soooooo long would be killing me after just a few hours!!!  On Tuesday I was training in Rosie's filler where we give the drinks and prepared meals to the guests. We also did a few hours of online training so that was good as we got to sit down. On wednesday we were supposed to train on Register but our trainer never turned up so we were given another trainer and we did an hour on register each and then for the rest of the time we just did other jobs that we had already learned. But we got to finish up learning how to work in Eddie's and it was closed so we didnt have to be all smiley and we could lean on the benches so that was a plus.

Thursday I had my assessment which I passed yay!!! I was supposed to have my walk through which is when a manager asks you questions about working and walks around with you. But we were really busy so didnt get to have my walk through until Saturday which meant I wasnt able to take the earning my ears pin off until Sunday.

Once Sunday came around though I was getting much more used to standing on the concrete for a long time so my feet weren't hurting as much by the end of the day. That was so good cause when ur feet are sore it is sooo uncomfortable and there is nowhere to sit at all!

On Sunday morning I went with Cher and Adina to Epcot. We went on Soaring, Turtle Talk with Crush and The Seas. They dont really like heights so Soaring freaked them out a wee bit. We went to Mexico for lunch and I got Nacho chips, but they were red and black coloured. It was soo weird!!! After that we walked around and just looked at all the pavillions. We saw Snow White and got our photo taken with her. She was quite shocked that we were from 'kingdoms that were so very far away' lol!!! We also saw Aladdin and Jasmine and had a nice chat to Aladdin even though there was a line of little kids behind us waiting to see them!! woops!!! We then headed to the boat that would take us to Hollywood Studios for work, but on the way we saw Marie from Aristocats so Cher and I got a photo with her - she was really soft and snuggly. Once we got to Hollywood Studios I had to work but Cher had another couple of hours until her shift started so she and Adina headed to the park to play for a bit and I headed off to  work. :(

Work on Monday was okay but then I had to close dishes by myself which sucked until my manager came over and was like 'dont you finish now? - you can go' which was awesome cause usually when you are on dishes you have to stay until they are finished. Tuesday was an awesome day. I worked with really nice people and we just talked and sang and danced all day because the park was really quiet.

okay next post will be on my first day of disney class and the animal kingdom and then I am pretty much caught up.


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