Monday, February 7, 2011


Okay so on the Friday after I arrived the girl I was staying with and some of the other people staying at POP from Aussie wenton a day long shopping excursion, but I decided not to go. So me and another girl Sarah hung out together for the day. We decided to go to Walmart and got a taxi from the hotel to the shop. The taxi driver thought it was pretty weird that we were at Disney but wanted to go to Walmart. When we got there the pedestrian crossing really confused us cause the stripes were really thin and the sign only says 'xing' which I thought was chinese at first. Idiot!!

Walmart is massive, it is like Warehouse, Pak 'n Save, Briscoes and Harvey Normn all rolled into one. Our main mission there was to buy a phone. Mine cost $50 and it is really good. I can pay anywhere from $10 a month depending on how much I want to phone and txt and play on Facebook. Sarah's phone doesn't work properly and always says hello, hello, hello. It is really funny when it happens at really inopportune times.

After Walmart we had lunch back at the hotel and then took a walk around and looked at all the giant Disney figurines that were from all the decades from the 50's to the 90's. It s o funny looking at the records etc from back in the day and all the things in the 90's that are comletely dated now. Lol!!

Later on in the afternoon we met up withthe others and hung out after dinner. Sarah, Loren and I got a cocktail which was pretty good but really expensive. But the others were too young over here lol!!

Well thats my adventures before Disney will write soon about the first couple of days at Disney


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