Monday, March 28, 2011

A Magical Ending

Okay so it has been a few days since I last posted and really that is because this last week has been pretty boring with not a whole lot to talk about.

Okay so I was up to Wednesday where we went to Animal Kingdom for class. It was pretty boring actually as we just had to complete a worksheet about communication and it was so simple I do not understand how this could ever be accredited as a University level paper (the teacher is trying to get it accredited) as the whole paper is ridiculously easy and goes into no depth at all. A year 9 student would be able to complete it!!!! Anyway I walked around with Amanda and Courtney and we decided, as we had nearly finished our worksheets and we still had 30 mins until we were allowed to hand in our assisgnments, that we would go on Expedition Everest. We went in the single rider line so we were sitting next to randoms which was a bit strange but the rollarcoaster was still heaps of fun!!

After Animal Kingdom I went with Courtney to Hollywood Studios and I got popcorn! Was so good!! Lol!! We had a look at some clothes and other merchandise and I finally managed to trade for a Belle pin!! I am quite into my pin trading now - I want my pin collection to be a keepsake of my trip over here so all the pins that I get I want to mean something to me.

On Thursday I went to class which was okay - we talked a lot about diversity and how leaders need to recognise and appreciate diversity among their team. It was interesting but perhaps a wee bit long for the amount of info we were taught. Leadership is a lot better than Disney Interactive though as we actually learn useful information!

After Class Courtney and I walked to Publix which was fun as it was a really nice day out. Drivers are weird here though - the road was busy and so I crossed half way and was going to wait for the car in the other lane as this is how you have to cross roads in Christchurch when it is peak traffic but this car just randomly and dangerously stops in the middle of the road to let me cross in front of it???? So strange!!!! Anyway I managed to get some more food including non sugary bread and hummus! yummy!!! I also bought a webcam, but it is so annoying it doesn't always work and it just turns on randomly and I am not sure why (whether it just needs time to warmup or I am pressing something that I am unaware of???) It is frustrating!!

I also last week made it to Cast Connection where I bought a couple of Disney tops thay are really nice and also thin so perfect for the hot summer heading our way!! I also managed to get to the post office which was good as I had been meaning to go there for a while!!

Sunday brought about my switch to Epcot and I wanted to give it a chance but I hated it!! The whole experience made me appreciate Sunset all the more. The whole week all I wanted to do was come back to Hollywood Studios. It was just so boring there - since as I wasnt trained on anything I just worked Filler (that is filling the orders for the guests), bussing (cleaning tables) and then greeter, where you just say 'hello' and 'have a nice day' to the guests. Plus I didnt know anyone so was extra boring!!! There were some nice people there though! On Wednesday I went to class which was a complete waste of three hours and a DAY OFF!!!! of my life! It was a completely pointless class and the teached had material for maybe 1 of the 3 hours - so boring!!!! That night though I went with Sarah, Loren and Sonia to Panera Bread which was really yum, but so funny when we were the only ones there and the announcer said for everyone to leave!! Kind of Rude much?
After that we walked back to Vista and scared ourselves by talking about Alligators and Snakes!!

Thursday after class I went with Loren and Cody to Hollywood Studios. We were supposed to go there to eat but Cody was being picky so we only watched that days finale show of American Idol which was amazing because there was this 15 year old kid who was really good and half the theatre gave hime a standing ovation including us!!! He won and beat out all the adults -  even the mean judge loved him!!! Anyway we ended going to downtown Disney and after some serious debating we just ate at some mexican fast food place there. Friday I was back to work at Epcot at Fountain view where I bussed and made waffle bowls!! I now hate Waffle Bowls two days of making them officially suck I must have made nearly 800 waffle bowls!! Am so glad to be back at Hollywood Studios now!!!

Okay so the Magical Ending was that on Saturday night after my sucky day at Epcot working, Loren and I went to Magic Kingdom as it was open until 12am. We fully waited in line for like an hour and a half to ride Space Mountain, but that rollarcoaster is so worth it!! Then we went on the Tomorrowland Speedway which was so much fun, although my car was so slow - I was flooring it and could not manage to catch Loren. Was so nice to be driving again though!! I miss it so much!!! THen we ate dinner while we watched Wishes which was nice and relaxing!!

After that we went on the Whinnie the Pooh ride which I love as it brings back all our childhood Pooh memories!! And then we went on Splash Mountain which was epic as half way up the to the top of the ride - right before you go over and zoom down the other side - the ride broke. We were stuck going up a hill and were so scared we were going to roll backwards down it !! Very exciting ride!! We finally made it to the top and got extremely wet but not soaked as we were in the third row and the front row always gets the wettest!

We also managed to go on the Haunted Mansion ride and it was the first time it didn't stop at all during the whole trip whenever I have been on it! We also went on Peter Pan and I love that ride so much!! We also got to see Sarah and Cody working at Emporium which was fun!! I finally managed to buy mickey ears with my name written on and it only cost like 9 dollars. So cheap!!

Before Loren got to Magic Kingdom I also watched the Hall of Presidents which is really funny because Americans float their own boats so much it is ridiculous!!! But I did get a picture with Patriot Mickey yay!!!

Work again tomorrow another long day, but means lots of dosh!!!

Post soon


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Umbrella's seem to be my break in life

Okay first of all I am so so so glad that the cheerleaders have left!!! Yay!! The National Cheerleading Champs (yes, just like on Bring it On) have been going on since the beginning of February and today was the last day!!! This is also why I was working late last night because they had a private party and use of the park after hours.

Anyway so the new schedule for next week is out and I am being deployed to Epcot to work at Fountain View and the Electric Umbrella which seems to be my lot in life since ever since I arrived in America many (and I do mean many) feel the need to sing Rihanna's Umbrella song everytime they see me or have to say my name!!! It NEVER happened in New Zealand and here it is just ridiculous!! I am starting to hate the existance of that song!!! GRR!! hearing a song sung at you thirty times a day does that to you! LOL!!!

Anyway because of my deployment I have to get a new uniform and the only time I can do that is on Thursday so I somehow on Thursday have to fit that into my day as well as supermarket shopping and class from 1.30 to 3.30pm. I have looked it up and it is pretty 'sexy' a red shirt with black pants, an apron and a black and red baseball cap, but at least I don't have to wear the polka dots and sunflowers for a week. One of the people I work with was deployed there last week and she liked it so I am hopeful next week will be fun!!

Not much happening this week just Animal Kingdom on Wednesday although kind of freaky after a maintenence worker was hit on the head and died yesterday!! So aweful!!!!

well will write more once something more exciting happens, fingers crossed for inspection tomorrow!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Work, School and lots of play!!!

So after the adventures of my birthday the rest of Sophia Loren Birthday week as we dubbed it (my middle name is Sophia and my friend Loren's birthday is the week after mine) went pretty well. I did work alot during that weekend. Two eleven hour shifts and one 12 hour shift in three days!!! However I made it through that, even the 5 hours on fryer during peak rush time - which sucked but I survived!!!

 On Wednesday I had class in the afternoon and Loren had training all day so we made plans to meet up at Epcot to watch Illuminations at night. I went with my friend Caymen whom I met at work and we met Narelle there. Loren and Sarah came a wee bit later after an adventurous and never to be repeated bus trip!! We watched Illuminations from the UK pavillion this time after Loren and Sarah sampled the alcoholic beverages offered at the Rose and Crown. The funny thing was that it had been storming earlier and although the rain had stopped you could still see the lightening flashes on the horizon throughout Illuminations and after! It was pretty cool!!

After that we went to Boardwalk to Jellyrolls to wait for Cody and Lauren (who were at work to join us). We were having a pretty good time until Cody and Loren came and pulled us all away to the Video Dance Party which was just like a regular club in New Zealand. We danced for a wee bit but then as it was late we decided to leave. Later that night Loren, Sarah, Cody, Lauren and I went to a place called Steak 'n Shake. The fodd was not that great and the service was terrible. Needless to say I don't think we will be heading back there anytime soon. Although I am told Steak 'n Shake's in Michigan are much, much, much better!!! We got home pretty late that night and my trips to Walmart, the Post Office and Property Control were put off. Again!! Later that day I went to my Leadership class which was much more interesting than it had been the previous week and then Loren, Cody and I were supposed to go to Magic Kingdom but we missed the bus and so decided to go to Epcot instead as the bus was right there. We ended up just having dinner and then going on Spaceship Earth before we went home again.

It was back to work on Friday and then today I have just made it home after a 6.45pm to 2.15am shift at Hollywood AND I have to work at 10.30am today so I really need sleep.. My roommate is tidying her stuff at the moment as we have our first inspection tomorrow and everything has to be perfect. And I mean perfect no smudges, dishes, laundry, shoes on the floor, or anything out of place at all!!!!! Got a bit of cleaning left to do myself tomorrow after work and hopefully, fingers crossed we pass!!

Well I am finally (after nearly two months) up to date with my blog!!! Whoop, Whoop!!! Congratulate Moi!!! Willl post soon!!!


Happy Birthday!!!!

okay so my birthday started out pretty good. In the am my friends came around really early with balloons and fairy bread (yay for home comforts) and gave me both a Mickey Happy Birthday Hat and a tiara. I had to wear either of them the whole day. Then Sarah and I went to Magic Kingdom for the opening parade but unfortunately when we got there it wasn't on. We think this was because of morning extra magic hours for the resort guests so we will have to go back one day and try to catch that as apparently it is really good. Magic Kingdom on yoour birthday is completely magical. I had my little badge that says Happy Birthday and everyone said Happy Birthday to me the whole day. One of the people Sarah works with got the whole of Main Street to sing Happy Birthday to me which was embarresing but awesome at the same time.

First up wwe got photos in front of Cinderella castle and then we met the storybook princesses at Adventureland. Sarah really wanted to go on Splash Mountain so we headed straight there hoping the line wasn't too long and we ended up waiting only about 15 minutes which was good. Splash Mountain is really fun when you go over the big drops and if you sit in the front you get soaked. After the ride we went to see the photo and spent a little bit of time trying to decide whether to buy the photo or not, but then (our own magical moment) the cast member gave us as a free gift for my birthday, a photograph each!!! It was amazing and completely made ouur day magical. We then headed to Fantasyland and met Mary Poppins and then we rode Prince Charming's Carousel. I love that Carousel it is awesome!!!!! It makes you feel like a little kid again.

After that we waited the 40minutes in line to ride the Adventures of Whinnie the Pooh which is super super super awesome. I loved it!!! And I saw a Heffalump!!! Then on our way to watch the Dream Along with Mickey Show we saw the end of the Celebrate a dream come true Parade which is cool. Dream Along with Mickey show is in front of the castle and stars Mickey, Minnie, the original princesses, princes and characters like Hook, Malificent and Goofy!!! After that we had to head back as it was the first day of my  class "Exploring Leadership" we have David for this class and he is really cool and obviously passionate about Disney. It did kind of suck having to cut our birthday celebrations in half. However after class I caught a bus straight to Epcot to meet up with Sarah. We first got food cause I hadn't had any lunch yet and then we went on Journey into the imagination with Figment. It is a ride for kids but it was still pretty cool. And the little dragon-thingee 'Figment' is awesome!!!
After that I bought some more pins so that I could start pin trading.!!!! I have gone over to the dark side now!!!
As the lines were long for the other rides in Epcot we headed to Mexico to ride the Mexico ride starring the three Cabelleros(yay)!! Mexico has this really cool indoor market place set up to feel like a night in Mexico, but the ride was kind of boring. Then we went to the Great American Adventure and got brainwashed into thinking how great it was for 30 minutes. They kept telling us the amazing things that Americans had done but failed to mention many of the logistics and horrific things that went hand in hand with those moments. Some lady when it was finished said to me "Wasn't that great? So Inspirational!!!" I just stayed silent and grimaced slightly. It was ridiculous! But America is all about the patriotism here. There is even an independence float at the end of the electrical parade at Magic Kingdom. CRAZY!!!!

Anyway we then caught up with Cody and Loren and decided to have dinner in Morrocco, which was amazing. I love the food there it is the best I have tasted the whole time I have been in America. The couscous was divine!!!! lol!!!! Then we watched Illuminations!!! I love the fireworks there - they are really amazing and I am sure could give Sydney a run for its money!! lol

That night when I got back I was given icecream as a cake and had to blow out those magic candles that keep relighting ( I hate those things) and then Loren gave me a huge pile of presents. I was so tired though but it was an amazing end to my b'day!!! Lots of good vibes to ready me for my really long, long week - 48 hours over 5 days. But bright side I got paid 15 hours of overtime!!!!

Okay so sidenote - the other day my roommate saw a snake by the washing machines on the ground floor of our apartment building - i am so glad we live on the top floor. Now I am scared to do washing!!!


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Singing in the Rain!!!!

Okay so we never ended up going to Hollywood Studios that last week of February due mostly to some ridiculously overreacting americans and someone (not me) walking into the wrong apartment. The situation was blown completely out of control and my friend spent a few very long hours being interrogated by the county sherriff and 6 cops!!!???!!! WTF!!!

Anyway after another week of work we finally made it to Hollywood - and we had a fantastic day. We first went on The Great Movie Ride which is okay but this time I went on it (as I had been on it previously one day after work) we had a girl gangster and it fully was pretty unrealistic. The guy gangster I had the first time was really cool. Unfortunately that one person makes or breaks the ride and so my friends didn't really like it. We also went on the Backlot tour and since my birthday was the next day my friends fully dobbed me in and I was chosen to be in the show on how they make an action sequence in a movie. I had to sit in this chair and was drenched with litres and litres of water like I was in the hull of a ship when it was being bombed. It was pretty fun and funny though!!! :)

After that we saw The Little Mermaid show which was a bit of a disappointment - it wasn't the best show I have seen while at Disney at all!!! Sarah, Narelle and I then met Sorcerer Mickey and Lotso from Toy Story 3 and Frozo and Mr Incredible which was really cool. Then we fully got our photo taken with Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen from Cars and got a photo standing on the lamppost with the umbrella like in Singing in the Rain - fully had my Gene Kelly moment in the 'rain'. It also really rains on you when you stand under the umbrella!!! And the umbrella does not protect you from the rain at all!!!

I also bought a pin lanyard that day and my first pin - Cinderella!! Fitting??? After that we had met up again with Loren and headed to RocknRollarcoaster! This time I managed to keep my eyes open but my head kept hitting the sides of the harness so had a bit of a headache when I got off. But then I rode Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka Tower of Terror) twice!!!!! Was so scary!!!

After Studios we headed to Disney's Polynesian Resort to meet up with Cody, Rufus, Kaz and Riyad who were ther with a friend from Norway who was leaving and wanted to watch the Wishes (Magic Kingdom fireworks) one last time. We sat on the beach at Luau Cove and watched them. They were really cool but we couldn't hear the music which is half the excitement of Wishes so that was a bit disappointing. HOwever Polynesian Resotr is AWESOME!!!! I fully felt at home!!! They have an Aotearoa building which I was excited about aand all my friends were like 'why do want a picture in front of a random sign?' I had to explain the significance of it. They also have a restaurant called Captain Cooks and it had Hawaiian flatbread so I had that for dinner. I didnt realise how much I missed ham, cheese and pineapple. It was sooo goood!! Iwould fully reccommend that hotel (or the Grand Floridian) to anyone going to Disney although it is one of the most expensive places. I also waded in the water at Luau Cove and the water at the beginning of Spring is warmer than what Caroline Bay in Timaru would be in the middle of Summer - Crazy!!!

Well that was March 2nd will post tomorrow about March 3rd :)


Thursday, March 3, 2011


So it has been a long time and to tell the truth I am kind of forgetful about wat actually happened so this post will fill in the gap between my last two posts and then I will try to get up to date.

Well my class is Disney Interactive and is really cool. First day we just did an overview of class and a get to know you game and then learned a bit about the Disney Heritage which is really big here. With this class we get to spend several of them at the parks, several of them are self taught class and the others are with our teacher who is kind of crazy but really cool. The next week I was at property control before class and went straight there so I had a stuffed animal of Bruce from Finding Nemo with and everyone looked at me like I was crazy with my Shark. We did a quiz in that class and went over our homework which was to listen to several audiocasts about Disney. It was very interesting and informative. lol!!

My second day off was on Thursday and I, along with Courtney, Amanda, Laura, Narelle and Sam went to Animal Kingdom. It was wet but stopped raining by mid-afternoon. We saw Pluto though so got a pic with him in our Disney Ponchos!!! Then we went to see The Festival of the Lion King which was amazing I want to go back everytime I go to Animal Kingdom. We also went on Safari and got to see Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos and Hippos and Nile Crocodiles and a baby Elephant. It was soo soo soo cute!!! After that we saw Terk from Tarzan and Louie from Jungle Book and then we went on Kali River Rapids and got soaked but it was a pretty short ride which was dissappointing. Expedition Everset was cool again but not as good the second time you do it cause you know what is going to happen. We also saw Finding Nemo again and I really love that show!!! The best part of the day though was Dinosaur. It is the most awesome ride ever!! My photo is proof I look petrified on it!!!! Before Dinosaur Sam and Laura left so it was just me, Courtney, Narelle and Amanda who went on that ride and then we went into the Tree of Life to see Its Tough to be a Bug which was really cool but I got really creeped out at the spider bit where they come down and was holding on to Amanda for dear life!! We also saw the Animal Kingdom Parade which was really cool but I still have things that I want to do next time I go!!

After that Courtney and I went to Magic Kingdom and rode on Space Mountain, Stitch's Great Escape, the People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Toy Story and Splash Mountain. It was so much fun!!!!

On Friday I woke up sick and so spent the next week in bed meaning I didn't work or get money which sucked, but I got to catch up on all my TV Shows!!!

Okay so only one more post and I will be up to date. Yay!!!