Friday, February 18, 2011

The Midget Kingdom

On Sunday we had gone to Epcot which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, and was a dream of Walt Disney's himself this was one of the main reasons why he wanted to create Disney World. Epcot isn't exactly how Walt envisioned it but the park deals a lot with commmunity and the environment. Many of the rides there focus on improving today for tomorrow. But it also contains World Showcase which has 'pavillions' sponsored by several countries from around the world including France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Morrocco, Canada etc.  This is really cool even though I haven't fully explored it yet.

On Monday we headed to Magic Kingdom which is the typical Disney Park that everyone thinks of. It has Cinderella's castle and the Teacups and Dumbo. Loren and I caught the bus pretty early so we would have maximum time at Magic Kingdom once we got to the TTC we had to either catch the monorail or the boat to the entrance. We decided to take the boat and we were so so so excited when we saw the castle. I felt like a little kid it was so awesome.

We made it to the park in time to see the end of the street party parade which was really cool. And then we decided to start at Toontown because its closing in February to make room for a bigger Fantasyland. We took the Railroad around to toontown and lined up to see Mickey and Minnie and then to see Princesses Aurora, Belle and Cinderella. That was cool because the princesses are really funny. Belle asked me if they have Libraries in New Zealand and I told her yes so she said that she and the beast would have to visit. I think it is really funny that she refers to him as the beast!!!

After we visited Minnie's house we explored Fanatasyland which was really cool exploring our childhood again. We went on almost all the rides including the tea cups, the carousel, Dumbo and It's a small world. We also saw Philharmagic! That show is absolutely amazing it is in 3D and explores the music from several disney shows after Donald steals Mickey's conductors stick. The shows here are simply amazing!!!! We saw the Parade and had a really good view, but my camera's memory card filled up just as the parade started. So have to go back to get pics.

We also visted Liberty Square and went on the Haunted Mansion ride which wasn't as good as I expected it to be. Not very scary at all, but the imagineering was excellent. We then caught up with Sarah who had been at work and watched the Country Bears Jamboree and then went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which was a pretty good rollarcoaster though not as good as Everest or Aerosmith. Unfortunately Splash Mountain was closed until the next day so we missed getting to ride that. Then we managaed to meet up with Cody who was supposed to come with us but wanted to go to the mall and said he was goning to catch up with us only it was about 5.30 by the time that happened. The four of us went on Pirates of the Carribbean and Aladdin and explored the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse. We then watched the electrical parade which was really good but we were a long way from the front. After that Cody, Loren and Sarah went home but I stayed to watch the Magic, the Memories and You and then Wishes the Magic Kingdom Fireworks show.

OMG when I first said Magic Kingdom Cody and Loren and Sarah thought I said Midget Kingdom so now they always say do you want to go to the Midget Kingdom.

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