Sunday, February 13, 2011

Arriving at Disney

so I forgot to add in my last update that at night the cast members at pop do the hustle and encourage everyone to join in. So of course we just had too. It was soo funny but we got badges that say "I had a poppin' good doing the hustle' which was very exciting.

On Saturday we decided we wanted to get to Vista Way early so we got all packed up and caught a taxi there at about 10am. When we got to Vista Way - which is one of the four housing complexes that people in the programme can stay at we got given heaps of information and were shown this video about the programme. After that we went to our apartments. My apartment is 2911 and is in the same building as two of the friends that I made at Pop which is really awesome.

We were the first people in our respective apartments and so got a pick of the beds. I picked the room with the ensuite but I was close to picking another really sunny room - I just thought it would be annoying if we wanted to sleep during the day as there are no curtains - just blinds.

My 'roommates' are really nice. I really lucked out with them. Courtney and Sam are from New Zealand and Rachel, Amanda and Laura are from Australia. We get on pretty well with each other though which is good except for the Marmite beats Vegemite arguments and New Zealand is a way better country than Australia rows. Lol!!

But just so you know New Zealand is way more awesome place!!

Once we had moved in we went to visit the others' apartments and then we proceeded to visit Walmart to buy groceries, bedding, pillows and everything in between. There was a mad rush for sheets and comforters (duvets).

That night I just spent a quiet one chatting with my flatmates.

The next day we went back to walmart and at night I went with Sarah, Loren, Jill, Matt and Narelle and Sonia to Downtown Disney. As we didn't have our ID's yet we couldn't get into the park for free. Downtown Disney was amazing though. We had a look through this Dino themed restaurant which has these massive animatronic T-Rex's and a make your own dinosaur - which I totally want to do at some point.

There was also this really cool magic shop and we were treated to some really good magic tricks. The guys that worked there were really nice and we chatted with them for a bit. We probably didnt even visit half of downtown disney while we were there that night.

write more soon


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