Saturday, April 30, 2011

...Family means noone gets left behind...

so I know I have been super slack at updating and I am like two weeks behind so here goes- I will try and catch up a wee bit.

Friday morning I worked which was okay because it was a short shift and I was going to meet up with Sarah and her family after that. Such a super slow day - so I got an ER. Yay!!! I quickly changed out of my costume and caught the "friendship" to Epcot. I really do love Epcot it just has this feel about it - almost as good as the magical feeling you get when you go to Magic Kingdom. Anyway I met Sarah, Giorgia and Anastasia and we went on Test Track - we rode in the single rider line but Sarah and I managed up in the same car and the other people rearranged themselves so that we could sit together. For some reason Sarah and I always manage to have favourable experiences waiting in queues. Very strange. After that we had some discussion over dinner and it was finally decided that we would go to Japan. It was very busy but the food was really good and you got so much of it for the price. We then walked around a bit and headed to the spot we had found to watch IllumiNations from which is right at the centre of the fireworks display. After that it was home to bed- much earlier than the evening before which was good.

Saturday was a full day of work so I wasn't going to do anything, but then Loren and Sarah dragged me to Jellyrolls which was a lot of fun, Courtney and Trent were also there and we had lots of fun drinking and dancing lol! Then we went to the Dance Hall and danced for a little bit, but we had to make the last bus home so we had to cut our night short. Sunday Sarah was taking her family to Hollywood Studios and since I didn't start work until the afternoon I tagged along in the morning. I finally made it to see Beauty and the Beast and I loved it! It was really good, though not as good as the full stage show would be it was very well done nonetheless. Then I took Anastasia on Tower of Terror because Sarah was too chicken to go back on that ride and Giorgia didn't want to wait in the line. Then we went and did Animation Station and got to draw Pluto. I think my pluto is pretty good if I do say so myself. It was so hot that day that I got sunburnt properly. First sunburn since I have been here. I really need to start putting more sunscreen on. whoops! Work was very dull as we are really slow.

Monday and Tuesday, another two boring days at work - it was supposed to be busy but it wasn't really that busy at all. February we had more guests! On Wednesday I had the day off so in the afternoon I went to say goodbye to Sarah's family with her. The only good thing about not having family come over is not having to say goodbye to them again. I then went to Magic Kingdom with Sarah who had work. It was really funny because Sarah was taking a big box of food home from her families cabin and we had to take it through security. The security guard was like "what is that?" and Sarah was like "paprika". So funny! We were sure we were being watched as we looked so suspiscious! Since I was being deployed to Magic Kingdom the next week Sarah took me into the Utilidors and I looked at the map of where I was supposed to go. It didnt look too difficult :{ After that I went back up and watched Magic, Memories and You again - cause I love that show. And then I watched Wishes and low and behold Tinkerbell was not there again! Very disappointed!! I had also overheard a cast member tell some guests she would be there and the guys behind me were waiting the entire fireworks for tink and she never came. Obviously Captain Hook must have kidnapped her and Peter Pan was trying to rescue her, but unfortunately didn't manage it in time for Wishes  =(

Well this was just a quick update am now just over a week behind so will update soon


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ohana means family...

On Monday and Tuesday it was back to work and still we seemed to be extremely quiet at work. I am not 100% why but I have some theories: 1. that the few attractions on the other side of Hollywood Studios are now open for longer / with more showings enticing more people down to those areas thus they are more likely to eat at a closer restaurant to where they are. 2. that the restaurants in backlands are actually open and have extended their hours to help with the expected crowds. and 3. that due to Fantasmic being on every night, guests feel no pressure to attend on the one night that it is on creating a more even dispersal of guests at Hollywood Studios over the course of the week.

I think they are pretty sound observations, but whatever the reasons sometimes it can get so so so so boring at work beacause they have overstaffed and their is nothing to do. The managers have been giving away a lot of ERs (Early Releases) lately which is good if you want to go home early!!! Unfortunately if you are closing like I usually am you never get you ER requests accepted.

Enough of my work ramblings, on Wednesday my friend Sarah's family was due to arrive so we were all very excited to meet them. Sarah unfortunately recieved notification that morning thet their plane had been delayed in Sydney and caused them to miss their connecting flight. GUTTERED!! Anyway they were now going to get in at like 10pm instead of 5 so I invited Sarah to come with me to Hollywood Studios to keep her mind off the wait.

 I was already at Hollywood watching Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It  took me like 3 months to finally see it but it was pretty good. I kept picturing the episode of Full House where they went to Disney World and they go to watch Indiana Jones and DJ thinks that Indy is Steve her boyfriend. So funny!! Then I met up with Sarah for what was to be an awesome day. We had a lot of fun. First we went to visit Loren at work. Then we went and waited in line for Toy Story Mania which I loved. It is a 3D ride which is like a carnival games aisle. You have to scaore points by popping balloons or tossing rings. It is really cool. Sarah still beat me but I did like a hundred times better than I did in Buzz Lightyear - that ride is so difficult! Then we went to American Idol finale show which was really bad. They had no good people at all. We ended up voting for this one girl cause she was so funny. She sung Our Song by Taylor Swift and the song is supposed to be quite innocent and this 15 year old girl kept flicking her hair and trying to act sexy, but she just wasnt and it did not fit the song at all but she kept winking and Sarah and I just cracked up!! Lol it was so funnny! After that we went to Epcot and watched Illuminations and then when we got back Sarah got ready to go off and meet her mum and two of her younger sisters.

Thursday I went to hang out at Magic Kingdom with Sarah and her family. I got there at like 11.30 and Sarah had basically taken them on most of the rides allready. I was pretty impressed! We saw PhilharMagic again which I absolutely love!!! I wish I could watch it over and over and over again! Then they had fastpasses for Peter Pan so I waited for them to do that ride and then we went on Haunted Mansion. Sarah her sister Giorgia and I all squeezed  into one doombuggy which was pretty cramped but funny at the same time!!! Then we all watched Dream along with Mickey which I also love. I think the reason that I love the shows so much is that the music is really, really, really good. I mean even the songs written for these shows are really good - lyrics and melody wise!! I want the Disney World soundtrack!! Then we went to the Bakery and Sarah and I tried Apple Turnovers which were really good but since as we are in America they have to top everyhting off with Sprinkled Sugar which was definitely unneccesary. I saw the first part of the Celebrate Dance Party Parade (which I actually have never watched before and will have to come back for the whole thing), but then I had to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom to go to class.

 It wasn't a bad class just a bit unneccesary really but we got to ride Dinosaur and then we got to eat at Restaurantosaurus. Which doesnt seem to get much business as it is so out of the way but  it was quite funny as everything has osaurus added to it. Like Exitosaurus, Subosaurus etc.

After class I went back to Magic Kingdom and since Sarah and her family where resting back at  the cabins I decided that it would be as good a time as any to wait the ridiculous amount of time that one needs to wait to get into the Fairytale Garden to see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. I wish I had gotten a drink first though - 2 hours in the hot sun. But so many people do it is amazing!! So glad it was like 5pm and not 12pm wouldve been unbearable. Anway I finally got in to see them and Loren gets to Magic Kingdom and tells them that she is with me so she gets let in 5 minutes before when everyone else has been waiting for hours!! They were really cool and Flynn Rider in person is really gorgeous! Then I made Loren come and wait with me in line to see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog and they were really good as well. The best Disney characters are the ones that talk to you and ask questions and Tiana and Naveen were really good! Cody also met up with us while we waited in line to see them.

After that we headed towards Splash Mountain and met up with Sarah, and her family. Anastasia and I sat in front and got soaked. She screamed so loud it was insane because she is so tiny. lol!!! Then we had dinner at Pecos Bills and I had this really good Chicken wrap. We managed to find a pretty good spot to watch the electrical parade in and then we booked it to the castle to watch Magic, Memories and You!!

OMG the most strangest thing happened when we saw Wishes. Tinkerbell, who normally flies out at the beginning, wasn't there so we had an enjoyable few minutes coming up with reasons why she wouldn't have been there. One was that she was sick because not enough people believed in fairies anyomre and we need to clap our hands to get her well again lol!!

After Wishes, Loren and Cody went home and then we said goodbye to Anastasia and Sarah's mum Fiona. Me, Sarah and Giorgia went on Space Mountain twice as it was such a short wait, then we went on Big Thunder Mountain twice. We had so much fun because on Big Thunder Mountain we didnt bring the lap bars right down to keep us fully secure so every time we went around a corner we went flying it was so much fun. We also found someone named Jimmy!!! for those of you not in the know it is kind of hard to explain as it was a funny at the time kind of thing - but Sarah and I got a pic with him!! Then it was bed time for Disney and usso we all headed home. We had to leave Giorgia at the boat stop by herself to get home but she got home alright.


Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a kind of Magic!!

I know, I know it's been ages and ages since I last updated but truth be told I have just been sooooo busy these past two weeks so it may take me a few days to catch back up.

Anyway I will start where I left off which was Sunday the 10th of April - a day I wasn't supposed to have off, but thanks to my very nice managers I did get it off. yay!!! It was the day that I had won tickets to the basketball for!!! Beacause cast members aren't allowed to enter the guest prize draws, Disney gives us our own competitions called Magic Backstage. I enter the competitions to win Disney cruises, stays in Cinderella Castle and Adventures by Disney as well as other smaller prizes every month and last month I actually won!!! It was very exciting although on the one hand I was a bit guttered that I didn't win a bigger prize, but on the other hand it was still something and I do not know how I would have chosen just one friend to come with me if it had been something better - like a cruise. It would have been agony to pick!!

Anyway so my prize was two free tickets to the Orlando Magic which in case you don't know is our local basketball team. I had a hard time finding someone to go with me as Sunday is a day when almost everyone works as it is usually one of the busiest days of the week. In the end though, Kelsea one of the girls I work with had that day off and was a huge bball fan so I went with her. She is from Houston, Texas and as we had to take a bus by ourselves to get from Disney to the city, she was very nervous. We ended up taking a bus that went all throughout the very poor parts of Orlando and she was really freaked out for the whole hour and a half. I however being quite adventurous was fascinated by all I saw and the only time I got freaked was when this really creepy looking white guy got on the bus. It was very strange as even though their were seats he wouldn't sit down and I wasn't sure if it was my overactive imagination or not but I was thinking that perhaps it was because everyone else (other than myself of course)on the bus was black. He also got off at the next stop which was only like a 15 minute walk up the road. Very suspect! Anyway other than that I felt perfectly safe, but then I have had a lot of practice with bus riding and Kelsea had not at all!! We were in what she called the 'ghetto' part of town and we passed a very downbeaten and prisonlike high school and I saw my first ever trailor park in real life. It was so sad to think that people had to live in areas like that as it was much worse than you see in the movies.

 Anyway we finally arrived in the city with its absolutely massive skyscrapers taller than the skytower in Auckland. It was pretty overwhelming! We had to walk maybe four blocks to get to the Amway Arena where the basketball is played. It is really nice as it is brand new last year. When we got there they had free facepainting so I had Magic painted on my face and card board so that you could make your own signs. There was also so much free stuff being given away. I got an ecobag, a beer holder, a magnet and two Orlando Magic drink bottles. Epic!! Then we looked through the merchandise store which had so many awesome t-shirts next time I go back I am totes buying one or tow or three! lol!! At that time though I had no money as I spent all mine at Universal the day before :(

When we finally got to our seats up in the heavens (we had to go up three escalators to get there) we could see averything from where we sat. Although we couldn't see anything up close we could see the plays perfectly which was really good. The game was close throughout and at halftime one of the Magic players got a three pointer from almost halfway!!! It was an amazing shot right on the buzzer. At halftime we explored and I really wanted a foam finger but they were ten dollars so hopefully next time! We also got a photo next to a cut out of Dwayne Johnson who unfortunately was banned for that game - he is the Magic's best player. Anyways he was huge I barely came up to his shoulder!!

The end of the game was very exciting as with only 2 seconds left to go Magic were down by three and it was our ball, and they managed to pull off another three pointer to tie the game but it was ruled that the ball left his hands after time was up so we were pretty guttered unles you were a Chicago Bulls fan!!

Luckily it was an afternoon game so we didn't have to catch the bus home at night - cause that may have been a wee bit more scary. And this time we caught the bus that goes to Magic Kingdom from Downtown so most of the people on the bus were Disney guests or cast members not as frightening for Kelsea - she was much more relaxed on the ride home. The bus also didn't take as long only about 50minutes - it took us like nearly 2 hours to get there!!!

As it was still early, Kelsea was going to meet up with some friends at Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic! so I went with her to see Loren who was working that dayfor a wee bit and then I went home. It had been a pretty eventful weekend and I was so tired- too many early mornings and late nights!!

Well that was my big weekend, my next post will be soon as last week and this week I have also been pretty busy so lots to tell, till then Ta ta.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magic, Mardis Gras and Music!!!

So my last post was friday night and on Saturday we went to Universal Studios!!! And it was sooo much fun!!! That morning we got up super early!! Well, okay it was only like 7am but still it is pretty early for me - we always work late so we don't normally get up until at least 8.30am!! Anyway I met Matt, Sonia and Matt's friend Scott and we first took a bus to the Commons which is one of the four Disney College Programme housing complexes but only people in the cultural representative programme get to live there ): the Commons is just across the road from the Premium Outlets where we have to catch the I Trolley from. It is like a 40 minute ride to get to our stop but the view is interesting. We saw the upside down house, the largest Maccas in the world apparently and the Titanic Experience!!! Once we got off the I trolley we have to walk like 20 minutes to get to Universal but it was so worth it!!!

It is amazing! It is broken up into two parks - Universal and Islands of Adventure!! We first (after I bought my annual pass) went to Islands of Adventure and we rode Spiderman!! My so called friends told me the whole of the 3D ride was heaps of spiders and so I was scared out of my mind the whole way incase a spider jumped out at me!!! I hate spiders!!! ewwww!!!! Luckily there are no spiders in that ride except for spiderman and the ride is really awesome!! Then we went on Jurassic Park and got soaked and I lost my hat on the ride!! Little tip never wear your hat on a ride that goes downhill really really fast!! It was funny though because in the photo you could see my hat at flying at the back of the car!! Lol woops!!

After Jurassic Park we finally got to go to Harry Potter World which is so amazing I want to go back so badly!! We first went on the castle ride which is like a simulator rollarcoaster inside. You fly through Hogwarts with Harry and see quidditch, dragons, dementors (really scary) and spiders(extremely scary) I closed my eyes for that bit!!!! Then I explored Hogsmeade for a wee bit. They have all the shops like they do in the books - Zonkos, three broomsticks, Honeydukes. So awesome!!!! Then we went on the duelling dragons rollar coaster which is so much fun but the end makes you feel really sick and i was all dizzy when we got off lol!!! Also saw Hogwarts express!!!!

Then we headed to Universal and had lunch on the way at some mexican takeout place. I had quesidias?? cant spell which were really good!!
Universal was really fun we went on terminator2 in 3D which was really cool they have a combination of live actors and 3D and they keep interchanging so it is really awesome technology!! Then we went on ET which I loved when we went to UNiversal in LA 14 years ago!!! It was so cute!! Then we waited for the Simpsons ride which is a bit of a disappointment and I probably wont go on it again. The Men in Black line was really long when we got there so we decided to pass on that ride too!!

We finally ended up in Amityville and went on Jaws!! It is really cool and kindof scary in its own way -  that shark is massive!!! After Jaws Sonia and I got Ice cream from Dots as it was really  really hot!! Dots is this place where the ice cream is these little tiny balls and they dont look like ice cream at all it is really weird but apparently they have it in Oz as well!! Then we went on Disaster which is also pretty neat!! We got to be extras in a Disaster movie - the earthquake bit was pretty lame though compared to back home but I was a bit scared that it might be really bad so was actually reliieved it wasn't very big!! The flood and fire parts are amazing though!!

Unfortunately we had missed the last Beetleguece show so we didnt get to see that either, but we went on the Mummy ride which was my favourite thing of the day I think. It is a rollarcoaster and It was amazing - I was guttered when it was over because I felt it was too short!! Then we got to experience a Tornado on the Twister ride and I have decided I do not want to be caught up in one of those again ever ever ever!!! It was scary complete with the flying cow from the movie!!!

Then we met up with Cher and they all went on Rockit Rollar coaster which has a 90 degree incline!  But I was too chicken to go on it so instead I went to Shrek 3D which was really fun and then I met up with Sarah and Loren and we watched the Mardi Gras parade together. The people on the parade floats throw out handfulls of beads and some people end up with s***loads but I only caught three d*** my genes making my so short - all the tal people kept grabbing them before I could even touch them!! : (

After that we tried to find the others but for some reason communication either on their end or our end wouldnt work so we watched the concert -LIFEHOUSE by ourselves it was so awesome. They were really good even though I only knew like 5 songs I still loved them and I think it was a great first concert yay!!! Have finally crossed go to a concert off my bucket list!! Bring on Summer Concert series!!
 We finally managed to meet up with the others and booked it to the I Trolley stop so we wouldnt miss the last one- we made with 1 minute to spare! We were all pretty tired on the ride back so we decided to forego dinner as a group and just go home I mean it was like 11.30pm by the time we got home and I had to be up early for my adventure the next day!!

I will write more about that soon, So Goodnight!!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Harry Potter World :(

So this week has been a pretty eventful one and I still have two more days of fun left. yay!!! On Sunday and Monday I worked really long hours to make up for only working 3 days this week. So I was pretty tired on Monday night when I got home. Tuesday was pretty good. It was Sarah's 22nd birthday so I had given away my shift that day to spend it with her since she hung out with me on my birthday. It was terrible weather when I woke up that morning so I was thinking it would be a really crap day, but since Sarah worked really late the night before we didn't go anywhere until lunch time and miraculously as we left the house the rain stopped and although the day was overcast it was pretty good weather - not cold and not wet!!

It was a pretty epic day! We first went and got a fastpass for space mountain as we wanted to ride the Omega track which you can only ride if you fastpass and we had ridden the Alpha track like ten times already. Then we went and waited 45 mins to ride Peter Pan as Sarah had never ridden it before. She loved it which was good as it is a pretty awesome ride. Then we went back to Tomorrowland and rode Space Mountain which was really cool - I really like the Omega track it is a wee bit faster and has several more dips and turns than alpha. Then we went on the Peoplemover which I like as it is relaxing.When we went through Adventureland we saw the Capt. Jack Sparrow show which Johnny Depp stars in every few months and people don't even know it is him which is pretty funny!!! We definitely didn't have Johnny Depp!! We then caught up with Loren, Ruth and Katie and got Ice Cream - Mint Choc Chip in a waffle cone. It was sooooo good!! I am so angry with Tip Top back home for getting rid of that flavour it was the best!!!

After "lunch" we watched Dream along with Mickey in front of the castle and then went on Splash Mountain. We didn't get too soaked which was good as it wasn't the hottest day! We then decided to check out the new interactive queue at Haunted Mansion which was pretty good and we rode on Haunted Mansion again!! Then we went on the teacups whichwas so much fun except we squeezed four adults into these tiny teacups so we had zero leg room and our legs were all squished in at odd angles. So crazy!!!

After that I went off to sort out a present for my cousin for her birthday and we were supposed to meet at the bus stop to catch the bus back to vista for dinner but I had no money on my phone and over here that means that you cant recieve a text or phone call as well as not being able to send one. So when the plans changed Sarah texted me and I never got it so I hopped on the bus and they stayed at Magic Kingdom. Luckily Katie was headed home and was able to tell me that the plans had changed and the others were staying at Magic Kingdom. She also called them and arranged a spot for us to meet up. So much drama!

Anyway after that we went to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which Loren and Sarah absolutely loved it is really funny! They pick people in the audience to put up on the screen and they put Sarah's picture up with the caption 'Doesn't know why she is here" which is so funny as it completely fits Sarah's personality. She is always surprised at things the rest of us take for granted. lol!!
We then met up with Narelle, Cody and Lauren and went for Dinner at Columbia Harbour House which has fish and chips which is apparently a birthday tradition for Sarah. Food here is okay but nothing to write home about, but hopefully it was good enough to carry on a birthday tradition!! After that we rode Haunted Mansion Again!!!! It is becoming a staple ride at Magic Kingdom. We seem to ride it every single time we go there!

Then it was time for MAgIC mEMOrIES AnD yOU, but it was cancelled so we were a bit guttered but got to watch Wishes which I love as it is an amazing fireworks display and the music is absolutely spectacular and beautiful. Magic, Memories and You was supposed to be on again after Wishes and we were relieved that this show was not cancelled. It is the most amazing show. On the castle it changes colour many many times and images, videos and photos are projected onto it - No words can describe how amazing it is. So cute this little kid was watching next to me and when the castle first lit up for MMY he says AMAZING! really really cute. After that we headed home as it was getting near to midnight.

Wednesday was supposed to be an awesome day but sadly due to a credit card expiration, the plans for that day were changed. Piece of advice, get a new credit card before you go overseas so that it does not expire on you during your trip - so much hassle!! Anyway the day ended up pretty good. We decided to go to the parks so we went to the bus stop and the first bus that came was the Hollywood Studios bus so we went to Hollywood that morning. We firstly went to see how long the toy story wait was but it was really long and the fast passes were all gone. But we did get to see the green army man from Toy Story which was exciting!! We also saw Mrs Incredible (does anyone remember her name?) which was good as I had only got photos with Frozo and Mr Incredibble last time. Then we went to Animation Station and learnt how to draw Eeyore. I was pretty pleased with my eeyore except for the hair looked pretty bad! Then we got to see Loren who was in my costume for the day. She hated it!! I have to wear it every day I work!!

After that we park hopped to Animal Kingdom. Sarah had never been on Safari so we went there first but the wait was 80 mins so we asked if it went down during the parade and the cast member said it usually did afterwards so we decided to come back. We then went to Asia for lunch and I had the honey chicken which was A-MAZ-ING!!! Then we went to see if we could meet anymore characters as we had seen Terk on our way to lunch. Eventually we found Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. I was so excited as I hadn't met Eeyore yet. We both got to show Eeyore our drawings of him and he signed them for us!!!!!! And we got a photo with him yay!!!! We also got to watch half the parade on our way to Safari. Animal Kingdom parade is only okay but it does have amazing technology with their animals - it is hard to describe with out seeing them, but they are huge and mechanically operated. When we got to Safari the wait time said 70mins but it turned out to only be a 35 minute waitm- so good!! Safari was awesome we saw heaps of Elephants, two rhinos, cheetahs and a lion as well as heaps of other animals too!

We then were going to go to Epcot, but there were so many people waiting for the Epcot bus we never would have got on. So the plan was to go to the TTC and then catch the monorail to Epcot from there but when we got there we decided to catch the monorail to Magic Kingdom and then catch the ferry to Fort Wilderness so Sarah could show her Disney ID as her family is coming next week to visit and to get cast discount you have to show your id. Fort Wilderness is amazing, they have pony rides, private carriage rides, wagon rides, horse riding, playgrounds, swimming pools; - so much cool stuff. It is one epic campground!! We were a wee bit worried about catching the bus back as we weren't sure where it was going to come from but we managed to find it!

On the bus ride back we decided to go to Chick-fil-a for dinner so we texted Loren, Cody and Trent to meet us at Vista and we went there. We talked for like two hours and were almost the last people there lol! We then came back to Sarah's apartment until 1am and talked and drank some vodka! yummy!

Thursday I slept in really late - was so so so so tired!!! Then I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping! That night I went with some people to see Source Code at the movies. It was okay but kind of boring and the end was a bit cheesy. Shorts are much better than the actual movie.

Today I worked a short 6 hours but I had to close assembly which I hate doing even more than dishes. But afterwards I was so glad that my feet didnt hurt today! Yay!! And then I went with Loren to Epcot to see IllumiNations. I love that show it is amazing!! We watched from between Norway and China and it was an amazing spot right in the centre of the show!! definitely will go back to that spot to catch the show on video!!

Well now it is after 1am and I have to be up at 7am because we are going to Harry Potter World and Universal Studios tomorrow and to see Lifehouse tomorrow night - Yay!!!!! Cannot wait!!!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunset, Typhoon and Thunder

Finally back at Sunset at Hollywood Studios. So so so so glad! I love working there it really is a lot of fun and the people are so nice. I have made so many friends from all over America and the world there. On Sunday I worked all day and it was good as I worked mostly at Eddies which I like most of the time. On Monday it rained all day and there was a lot of thunder and lightning. We were supposed to have around 25k people, but we only had like 8k. So the day was extremely boring and very long especially as we had extra magic hours (those are hours where only people who stay at Disney resorts are allowed in the park) from 7pm to 10pm. My feet got wet going to work at 10am and so I had wet shoes and socks all day.

The next day was actually nice and I only worked a short day so it was a pretty good day. At night I went to visit Loren's new apartment at Patterson with Sarah and Ruth and we went to Carnavale which was in celebration of the Italian Carnavale. We got free Italian food which was really delicious and got our photo taken with Italian Mickey and Minnie. Then we played Apples to Apples at Lorens and drank bourbon and coke and we couldn't stop laughing. Sarah won Apples to Apples and she and I and Narelle then went to Magic Kingdom. It was open until 1am and it was like 11pm when we decided to go so by the time we got there we only had just over an hour. We like ran to Space Mountain and there was a 30 minute wait so we went on that and then we went on Speedway and this time my car was an american car with the driving wheel on the right so it was a little bit weird. But oh my God I miss driving so so so so much!! W e also went on Haunted Mansion which was really scary at 1am and with Narelle who was pointing out creepy things that I normally didnt notice! We just missed out on going on Peter Pan so we went to the Bakery and I had a Cinnaman Roll which is so good. Sarah and Narelle had Ice cream cookie sandwhiches which were huge and looked really sickly sweet. I also bought my cousin a birthday present which was good.

Wednesday we went to Typhoon Lagoon which is one of the water parks. It was so much fun! I was a wee bit worried about my ears as they sometime get filled with water and I get an ear infection, but everything was perfecto!! We went on all the water slides and my favourite one was the family raft which coincidentally was the first ride we went on. It was so awesome!! We also went in the wave pool and stayed for the giant surf wave which was really huge and so much fun!!! However after we left, we were waiting for the bus and it fully started storming - we were told that hail was coming and five tornadoes had touched down in Orlando so we ran for it just as the rain started pelting down. We managed to make it to Typhoon cast services just as it got really bad and we were almost squished by a table umbrella that blew away. After we made it inside we watched the rain come down so hard you couldn't even see anything and it was so windy. When the rain had slowed we went back to the bus stop and saw massive branches that had been blown off the trees. It was actually amazing as before the storm started we actually saw the clouds moving like you do in the movies. And we saw a funnel cloud forming was very surreal.

That night I went to Cody's new apartment at Patterson and met his roommates but I was really tired so I didnt go out with them that night. On Thursday I had class at Magic Kingdom it was still raining so we were all walking around in our ponchos and wishing we had gumboots on. The rest of the day we just lazed around our apartment as it was pretty wet out. Friday was a lovely day and it was guttering that I had to work - but the day wasn't half bad. Today was okay as well. I had to close dishes but I got to sleep in as I didn't start until 1pm.

This week we hope to go to Magic Kingdom, Harry Potter World and UNiversal Studios to see Lifehouse so should be an exciting week!! Yay!!