Thursday, March 3, 2011


So it has been a long time and to tell the truth I am kind of forgetful about wat actually happened so this post will fill in the gap between my last two posts and then I will try to get up to date.

Well my class is Disney Interactive and is really cool. First day we just did an overview of class and a get to know you game and then learned a bit about the Disney Heritage which is really big here. With this class we get to spend several of them at the parks, several of them are self taught class and the others are with our teacher who is kind of crazy but really cool. The next week I was at property control before class and went straight there so I had a stuffed animal of Bruce from Finding Nemo with and everyone looked at me like I was crazy with my Shark. We did a quiz in that class and went over our homework which was to listen to several audiocasts about Disney. It was very interesting and informative. lol!!

My second day off was on Thursday and I, along with Courtney, Amanda, Laura, Narelle and Sam went to Animal Kingdom. It was wet but stopped raining by mid-afternoon. We saw Pluto though so got a pic with him in our Disney Ponchos!!! Then we went to see The Festival of the Lion King which was amazing I want to go back everytime I go to Animal Kingdom. We also went on Safari and got to see Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Giraffes and Rhinos and Hippos and Nile Crocodiles and a baby Elephant. It was soo soo soo cute!!! After that we saw Terk from Tarzan and Louie from Jungle Book and then we went on Kali River Rapids and got soaked but it was a pretty short ride which was dissappointing. Expedition Everset was cool again but not as good the second time you do it cause you know what is going to happen. We also saw Finding Nemo again and I really love that show!!! The best part of the day though was Dinosaur. It is the most awesome ride ever!! My photo is proof I look petrified on it!!!! Before Dinosaur Sam and Laura left so it was just me, Courtney, Narelle and Amanda who went on that ride and then we went into the Tree of Life to see Its Tough to be a Bug which was really cool but I got really creeped out at the spider bit where they come down and was holding on to Amanda for dear life!! We also saw the Animal Kingdom Parade which was really cool but I still have things that I want to do next time I go!!

After that Courtney and I went to Magic Kingdom and rode on Space Mountain, Stitch's Great Escape, the People Mover, Carousel of Progress, Toy Story and Splash Mountain. It was so much fun!!!!

On Friday I woke up sick and so spent the next week in bed meaning I didn't work or get money which sucked, but I got to catch up on all my TV Shows!!!

Okay so only one more post and I will be up to date. Yay!!!


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