Saturday, April 30, 2011

...Family means noone gets left behind...

so I know I have been super slack at updating and I am like two weeks behind so here goes- I will try and catch up a wee bit.

Friday morning I worked which was okay because it was a short shift and I was going to meet up with Sarah and her family after that. Such a super slow day - so I got an ER. Yay!!! I quickly changed out of my costume and caught the "friendship" to Epcot. I really do love Epcot it just has this feel about it - almost as good as the magical feeling you get when you go to Magic Kingdom. Anyway I met Sarah, Giorgia and Anastasia and we went on Test Track - we rode in the single rider line but Sarah and I managed up in the same car and the other people rearranged themselves so that we could sit together. For some reason Sarah and I always manage to have favourable experiences waiting in queues. Very strange. After that we had some discussion over dinner and it was finally decided that we would go to Japan. It was very busy but the food was really good and you got so much of it for the price. We then walked around a bit and headed to the spot we had found to watch IllumiNations from which is right at the centre of the fireworks display. After that it was home to bed- much earlier than the evening before which was good.

Saturday was a full day of work so I wasn't going to do anything, but then Loren and Sarah dragged me to Jellyrolls which was a lot of fun, Courtney and Trent were also there and we had lots of fun drinking and dancing lol! Then we went to the Dance Hall and danced for a little bit, but we had to make the last bus home so we had to cut our night short. Sunday Sarah was taking her family to Hollywood Studios and since I didn't start work until the afternoon I tagged along in the morning. I finally made it to see Beauty and the Beast and I loved it! It was really good, though not as good as the full stage show would be it was very well done nonetheless. Then I took Anastasia on Tower of Terror because Sarah was too chicken to go back on that ride and Giorgia didn't want to wait in the line. Then we went and did Animation Station and got to draw Pluto. I think my pluto is pretty good if I do say so myself. It was so hot that day that I got sunburnt properly. First sunburn since I have been here. I really need to start putting more sunscreen on. whoops! Work was very dull as we are really slow.

Monday and Tuesday, another two boring days at work - it was supposed to be busy but it wasn't really that busy at all. February we had more guests! On Wednesday I had the day off so in the afternoon I went to say goodbye to Sarah's family with her. The only good thing about not having family come over is not having to say goodbye to them again. I then went to Magic Kingdom with Sarah who had work. It was really funny because Sarah was taking a big box of food home from her families cabin and we had to take it through security. The security guard was like "what is that?" and Sarah was like "paprika". So funny! We were sure we were being watched as we looked so suspiscious! Since I was being deployed to Magic Kingdom the next week Sarah took me into the Utilidors and I looked at the map of where I was supposed to go. It didnt look too difficult :{ After that I went back up and watched Magic, Memories and You again - cause I love that show. And then I watched Wishes and low and behold Tinkerbell was not there again! Very disappointed!! I had also overheard a cast member tell some guests she would be there and the guys behind me were waiting the entire fireworks for tink and she never came. Obviously Captain Hook must have kidnapped her and Peter Pan was trying to rescue her, but unfortunately didn't manage it in time for Wishes  =(

Well this was just a quick update am now just over a week behind so will update soon


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