Saturday, April 9, 2011

Not Harry Potter World :(

So this week has been a pretty eventful one and I still have two more days of fun left. yay!!! On Sunday and Monday I worked really long hours to make up for only working 3 days this week. So I was pretty tired on Monday night when I got home. Tuesday was pretty good. It was Sarah's 22nd birthday so I had given away my shift that day to spend it with her since she hung out with me on my birthday. It was terrible weather when I woke up that morning so I was thinking it would be a really crap day, but since Sarah worked really late the night before we didn't go anywhere until lunch time and miraculously as we left the house the rain stopped and although the day was overcast it was pretty good weather - not cold and not wet!!

It was a pretty epic day! We first went and got a fastpass for space mountain as we wanted to ride the Omega track which you can only ride if you fastpass and we had ridden the Alpha track like ten times already. Then we went and waited 45 mins to ride Peter Pan as Sarah had never ridden it before. She loved it which was good as it is a pretty awesome ride. Then we went back to Tomorrowland and rode Space Mountain which was really cool - I really like the Omega track it is a wee bit faster and has several more dips and turns than alpha. Then we went on the Peoplemover which I like as it is relaxing.When we went through Adventureland we saw the Capt. Jack Sparrow show which Johnny Depp stars in every few months and people don't even know it is him which is pretty funny!!! We definitely didn't have Johnny Depp!! We then caught up with Loren, Ruth and Katie and got Ice Cream - Mint Choc Chip in a waffle cone. It was sooooo good!! I am so angry with Tip Top back home for getting rid of that flavour it was the best!!!

After "lunch" we watched Dream along with Mickey in front of the castle and then went on Splash Mountain. We didn't get too soaked which was good as it wasn't the hottest day! We then decided to check out the new interactive queue at Haunted Mansion which was pretty good and we rode on Haunted Mansion again!! Then we went on the teacups whichwas so much fun except we squeezed four adults into these tiny teacups so we had zero leg room and our legs were all squished in at odd angles. So crazy!!!

After that I went off to sort out a present for my cousin for her birthday and we were supposed to meet at the bus stop to catch the bus back to vista for dinner but I had no money on my phone and over here that means that you cant recieve a text or phone call as well as not being able to send one. So when the plans changed Sarah texted me and I never got it so I hopped on the bus and they stayed at Magic Kingdom. Luckily Katie was headed home and was able to tell me that the plans had changed and the others were staying at Magic Kingdom. She also called them and arranged a spot for us to meet up. So much drama!

Anyway after that we went to Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor which Loren and Sarah absolutely loved it is really funny! They pick people in the audience to put up on the screen and they put Sarah's picture up with the caption 'Doesn't know why she is here" which is so funny as it completely fits Sarah's personality. She is always surprised at things the rest of us take for granted. lol!!
We then met up with Narelle, Cody and Lauren and went for Dinner at Columbia Harbour House which has fish and chips which is apparently a birthday tradition for Sarah. Food here is okay but nothing to write home about, but hopefully it was good enough to carry on a birthday tradition!! After that we rode Haunted Mansion Again!!!! It is becoming a staple ride at Magic Kingdom. We seem to ride it every single time we go there!

Then it was time for MAgIC mEMOrIES AnD yOU, but it was cancelled so we were a bit guttered but got to watch Wishes which I love as it is an amazing fireworks display and the music is absolutely spectacular and beautiful. Magic, Memories and You was supposed to be on again after Wishes and we were relieved that this show was not cancelled. It is the most amazing show. On the castle it changes colour many many times and images, videos and photos are projected onto it - No words can describe how amazing it is. So cute this little kid was watching next to me and when the castle first lit up for MMY he says AMAZING! really really cute. After that we headed home as it was getting near to midnight.

Wednesday was supposed to be an awesome day but sadly due to a credit card expiration, the plans for that day were changed. Piece of advice, get a new credit card before you go overseas so that it does not expire on you during your trip - so much hassle!! Anyway the day ended up pretty good. We decided to go to the parks so we went to the bus stop and the first bus that came was the Hollywood Studios bus so we went to Hollywood that morning. We firstly went to see how long the toy story wait was but it was really long and the fast passes were all gone. But we did get to see the green army man from Toy Story which was exciting!! We also saw Mrs Incredible (does anyone remember her name?) which was good as I had only got photos with Frozo and Mr Incredibble last time. Then we went to Animation Station and learnt how to draw Eeyore. I was pretty pleased with my eeyore except for the hair looked pretty bad! Then we got to see Loren who was in my costume for the day. She hated it!! I have to wear it every day I work!!

After that we park hopped to Animal Kingdom. Sarah had never been on Safari so we went there first but the wait was 80 mins so we asked if it went down during the parade and the cast member said it usually did afterwards so we decided to come back. We then went to Asia for lunch and I had the honey chicken which was A-MAZ-ING!!! Then we went to see if we could meet anymore characters as we had seen Terk on our way to lunch. Eventually we found Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. I was so excited as I hadn't met Eeyore yet. We both got to show Eeyore our drawings of him and he signed them for us!!!!!! And we got a photo with him yay!!!! We also got to watch half the parade on our way to Safari. Animal Kingdom parade is only okay but it does have amazing technology with their animals - it is hard to describe with out seeing them, but they are huge and mechanically operated. When we got to Safari the wait time said 70mins but it turned out to only be a 35 minute waitm- so good!! Safari was awesome we saw heaps of Elephants, two rhinos, cheetahs and a lion as well as heaps of other animals too!

We then were going to go to Epcot, but there were so many people waiting for the Epcot bus we never would have got on. So the plan was to go to the TTC and then catch the monorail to Epcot from there but when we got there we decided to catch the monorail to Magic Kingdom and then catch the ferry to Fort Wilderness so Sarah could show her Disney ID as her family is coming next week to visit and to get cast discount you have to show your id. Fort Wilderness is amazing, they have pony rides, private carriage rides, wagon rides, horse riding, playgrounds, swimming pools; - so much cool stuff. It is one epic campground!! We were a wee bit worried about catching the bus back as we weren't sure where it was going to come from but we managed to find it!

On the bus ride back we decided to go to Chick-fil-a for dinner so we texted Loren, Cody and Trent to meet us at Vista and we went there. We talked for like two hours and were almost the last people there lol! We then came back to Sarah's apartment until 1am and talked and drank some vodka! yummy!

Thursday I slept in really late - was so so so so tired!!! Then I went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping! That night I went with some people to see Source Code at the movies. It was okay but kind of boring and the end was a bit cheesy. Shorts are much better than the actual movie.

Today I worked a short 6 hours but I had to close assembly which I hate doing even more than dishes. But afterwards I was so glad that my feet didnt hurt today! Yay!! And then I went with Loren to Epcot to see IllumiNations. I love that show it is amazing!! We watched from between Norway and China and it was an amazing spot right in the centre of the show!! definitely will go back to that spot to catch the show on video!!

Well now it is after 1am and I have to be up at 7am because we are going to Harry Potter World and Universal Studios tomorrow and to see Lifehouse tomorrow night - Yay!!!!! Cannot wait!!!


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