Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ohana means family...

On Monday and Tuesday it was back to work and still we seemed to be extremely quiet at work. I am not 100% why but I have some theories: 1. that the few attractions on the other side of Hollywood Studios are now open for longer / with more showings enticing more people down to those areas thus they are more likely to eat at a closer restaurant to where they are. 2. that the restaurants in backlands are actually open and have extended their hours to help with the expected crowds. and 3. that due to Fantasmic being on every night, guests feel no pressure to attend on the one night that it is on creating a more even dispersal of guests at Hollywood Studios over the course of the week.

I think they are pretty sound observations, but whatever the reasons sometimes it can get so so so so boring at work beacause they have overstaffed and their is nothing to do. The managers have been giving away a lot of ERs (Early Releases) lately which is good if you want to go home early!!! Unfortunately if you are closing like I usually am you never get you ER requests accepted.

Enough of my work ramblings, on Wednesday my friend Sarah's family was due to arrive so we were all very excited to meet them. Sarah unfortunately recieved notification that morning thet their plane had been delayed in Sydney and caused them to miss their connecting flight. GUTTERED!! Anyway they were now going to get in at like 10pm instead of 5 so I invited Sarah to come with me to Hollywood Studios to keep her mind off the wait.

 I was already at Hollywood watching Indiana Jones Stunt Show. It  took me like 3 months to finally see it but it was pretty good. I kept picturing the episode of Full House where they went to Disney World and they go to watch Indiana Jones and DJ thinks that Indy is Steve her boyfriend. So funny!! Then I met up with Sarah for what was to be an awesome day. We had a lot of fun. First we went to visit Loren at work. Then we went and waited in line for Toy Story Mania which I loved. It is a 3D ride which is like a carnival games aisle. You have to scaore points by popping balloons or tossing rings. It is really cool. Sarah still beat me but I did like a hundred times better than I did in Buzz Lightyear - that ride is so difficult! Then we went to American Idol finale show which was really bad. They had no good people at all. We ended up voting for this one girl cause she was so funny. She sung Our Song by Taylor Swift and the song is supposed to be quite innocent and this 15 year old girl kept flicking her hair and trying to act sexy, but she just wasnt and it did not fit the song at all but she kept winking and Sarah and I just cracked up!! Lol it was so funnny! After that we went to Epcot and watched Illuminations and then when we got back Sarah got ready to go off and meet her mum and two of her younger sisters.

Thursday I went to hang out at Magic Kingdom with Sarah and her family. I got there at like 11.30 and Sarah had basically taken them on most of the rides allready. I was pretty impressed! We saw PhilharMagic again which I absolutely love!!! I wish I could watch it over and over and over again! Then they had fastpasses for Peter Pan so I waited for them to do that ride and then we went on Haunted Mansion. Sarah her sister Giorgia and I all squeezed  into one doombuggy which was pretty cramped but funny at the same time!!! Then we all watched Dream along with Mickey which I also love. I think the reason that I love the shows so much is that the music is really, really, really good. I mean even the songs written for these shows are really good - lyrics and melody wise!! I want the Disney World soundtrack!! Then we went to the Bakery and Sarah and I tried Apple Turnovers which were really good but since as we are in America they have to top everyhting off with Sprinkled Sugar which was definitely unneccesary. I saw the first part of the Celebrate Dance Party Parade (which I actually have never watched before and will have to come back for the whole thing), but then I had to catch a bus to Animal Kingdom to go to class.

 It wasn't a bad class just a bit unneccesary really but we got to ride Dinosaur and then we got to eat at Restaurantosaurus. Which doesnt seem to get much business as it is so out of the way but  it was quite funny as everything has osaurus added to it. Like Exitosaurus, Subosaurus etc.

After class I went back to Magic Kingdom and since Sarah and her family where resting back at  the cabins I decided that it would be as good a time as any to wait the ridiculous amount of time that one needs to wait to get into the Fairytale Garden to see Rapunzel and Flynn Rider. I wish I had gotten a drink first though - 2 hours in the hot sun. But so many people do it is amazing!! So glad it was like 5pm and not 12pm wouldve been unbearable. Anway I finally got in to see them and Loren gets to Magic Kingdom and tells them that she is with me so she gets let in 5 minutes before when everyone else has been waiting for hours!! They were really cool and Flynn Rider in person is really gorgeous! Then I made Loren come and wait with me in line to see Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen from Princess and the Frog and they were really good as well. The best Disney characters are the ones that talk to you and ask questions and Tiana and Naveen were really good! Cody also met up with us while we waited in line to see them.

After that we headed towards Splash Mountain and met up with Sarah, and her family. Anastasia and I sat in front and got soaked. She screamed so loud it was insane because she is so tiny. lol!!! Then we had dinner at Pecos Bills and I had this really good Chicken wrap. We managed to find a pretty good spot to watch the electrical parade in and then we booked it to the castle to watch Magic, Memories and You!!

OMG the most strangest thing happened when we saw Wishes. Tinkerbell, who normally flies out at the beginning, wasn't there so we had an enjoyable few minutes coming up with reasons why she wouldn't have been there. One was that she was sick because not enough people believed in fairies anyomre and we need to clap our hands to get her well again lol!!

After Wishes, Loren and Cody went home and then we said goodbye to Anastasia and Sarah's mum Fiona. Me, Sarah and Giorgia went on Space Mountain twice as it was such a short wait, then we went on Big Thunder Mountain twice. We had so much fun because on Big Thunder Mountain we didnt bring the lap bars right down to keep us fully secure so every time we went around a corner we went flying it was so much fun. We also found someone named Jimmy!!! for those of you not in the know it is kind of hard to explain as it was a funny at the time kind of thing - but Sarah and I got a pic with him!! Then it was bed time for Disney and usso we all headed home. We had to leave Giorgia at the boat stop by herself to get home but she got home alright.


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