Wednesday, May 4, 2011

...or forgotten!

Thursday I had the day off so I went with Loren to meet Cody's family. They are really awesome! So nice and loads of fun! We had trouble getting a hold of Cody once we had got to Epcot so we caught one of the friendships across to Germany and we finally found them there. After the introductions were made we walked around to check out China and Norway. China was pretty cool. I hadn't really explored it before so it was fun to see what they had there. In the garden there was statues of all the chinese astrological signs.. So I got a photo with Cody and the snake as that is 1989. Loren got a photo with the dragon (1988). Then we talked to this Chinese girl for a little while she was trying to make us watch a video about China but the others didnt want to watch it so we kind of snuck out. I felt so bad!'

Then we visited Norway because Cody wanted to show all his friends from Norway , his family and viceversa. We got to see the princesses talking with the guests at the character lunch and then we went on the Maelstrom - it was so much fun! After that we headed to Canada and I bought a little soft toy - a black bear. It was only $5 and it was so so so soft and cute!!! We also went to UK to see our friends from there and for Cody's family to meet them. I went into one of the shops where our friend Riyad works and they had so much Paddington Bear stuff there I was so excited and Cody and his family were all staring at me blankly as they had no idea who Paddington Bear was. I lol'd!!!

Then Cody had to head off for work and Loren had already gone to work back after we left China so it was just me with Cody's family. They invited me to go on Test Track with them and as I am never one to give up the opportunity to ride any ride I went on it. W e had to wait like two hours in line!! Longest line I have ever waited in at Disney! Never to be done again!! Usually we hate waiting more than 30 minutes for a ride and unless it is a really good ride or we hadn't been on it before we would 9 times out of 10 pass it up for another day! After that I went home as I needed to get a few groceries.

Friday I worked in the morning but then met up with Cody and his family at Magic Kingdom at night. I waited for them to get off Splash Mountain and then we went and got a good spot to watch the Main Street Electrical Parade. While everyone else was waiting I went and looked at the pin trading store in frontieland and added an Earth Day 2011 pin to my collection and I also traded a pin for an eeyore one which is very cute! After the parade we hurried to get a good spot for Memories. I just love that show so so so so so much!! It is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and you can always tell first time watchers because the always gasp everytime something new happens! Sometimes I wish that everyone from back home could come over just to watch memories and wishes because videos just do no do the shows any justice. After memories we found a better spot further away from the castle as if you stand too close, the castle blocks the fireworks. Thankfully Tinkerbell was there that night, so I finally got to see her again!

After Wishes, Cody's family wanted to go on the People Mover so we went against most of the crowd to get there. It is a very relaxing ride through Tomorrowland - perfect if you have sore feet and just need a rest!!
Afterwards we went to Emporium, the biggest shop at Magic Kingdom to find Sarah who was working. It took us a llittle while but we managed to find someone who went and got her for us. She had never met Cody's fam before. After we said goodnight to Sarah, I took the monorail back to the bus and Cody and his family went back to the Polynesian where they were satying for the week.


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