Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a kind of Magic!!

I know, I know it's been ages and ages since I last updated but truth be told I have just been sooooo busy these past two weeks so it may take me a few days to catch back up.

Anyway I will start where I left off which was Sunday the 10th of April - a day I wasn't supposed to have off, but thanks to my very nice managers I did get it off. yay!!! It was the day that I had won tickets to the basketball for!!! Beacause cast members aren't allowed to enter the guest prize draws, Disney gives us our own competitions called Magic Backstage. I enter the competitions to win Disney cruises, stays in Cinderella Castle and Adventures by Disney as well as other smaller prizes every month and last month I actually won!!! It was very exciting although on the one hand I was a bit guttered that I didn't win a bigger prize, but on the other hand it was still something and I do not know how I would have chosen just one friend to come with me if it had been something better - like a cruise. It would have been agony to pick!!

Anyway so my prize was two free tickets to the Orlando Magic which in case you don't know is our local basketball team. I had a hard time finding someone to go with me as Sunday is a day when almost everyone works as it is usually one of the busiest days of the week. In the end though, Kelsea one of the girls I work with had that day off and was a huge bball fan so I went with her. She is from Houston, Texas and as we had to take a bus by ourselves to get from Disney to the city, she was very nervous. We ended up taking a bus that went all throughout the very poor parts of Orlando and she was really freaked out for the whole hour and a half. I however being quite adventurous was fascinated by all I saw and the only time I got freaked was when this really creepy looking white guy got on the bus. It was very strange as even though their were seats he wouldn't sit down and I wasn't sure if it was my overactive imagination or not but I was thinking that perhaps it was because everyone else (other than myself of course)on the bus was black. He also got off at the next stop which was only like a 15 minute walk up the road. Very suspect! Anyway other than that I felt perfectly safe, but then I have had a lot of practice with bus riding and Kelsea had not at all!! We were in what she called the 'ghetto' part of town and we passed a very downbeaten and prisonlike high school and I saw my first ever trailor park in real life. It was so sad to think that people had to live in areas like that as it was much worse than you see in the movies.

 Anyway we finally arrived in the city with its absolutely massive skyscrapers taller than the skytower in Auckland. It was pretty overwhelming! We had to walk maybe four blocks to get to the Amway Arena where the basketball is played. It is really nice as it is brand new last year. When we got there they had free facepainting so I had Magic painted on my face and card board so that you could make your own signs. There was also so much free stuff being given away. I got an ecobag, a beer holder, a magnet and two Orlando Magic drink bottles. Epic!! Then we looked through the merchandise store which had so many awesome t-shirts next time I go back I am totes buying one or tow or three! lol!! At that time though I had no money as I spent all mine at Universal the day before :(

When we finally got to our seats up in the heavens (we had to go up three escalators to get there) we could see averything from where we sat. Although we couldn't see anything up close we could see the plays perfectly which was really good. The game was close throughout and at halftime one of the Magic players got a three pointer from almost halfway!!! It was an amazing shot right on the buzzer. At halftime we explored and I really wanted a foam finger but they were ten dollars so hopefully next time! We also got a photo next to a cut out of Dwayne Johnson who unfortunately was banned for that game - he is the Magic's best player. Anyways he was huge I barely came up to his shoulder!!

The end of the game was very exciting as with only 2 seconds left to go Magic were down by three and it was our ball, and they managed to pull off another three pointer to tie the game but it was ruled that the ball left his hands after time was up so we were pretty guttered unles you were a Chicago Bulls fan!!

Luckily it was an afternoon game so we didn't have to catch the bus home at night - cause that may have been a wee bit more scary. And this time we caught the bus that goes to Magic Kingdom from Downtown so most of the people on the bus were Disney guests or cast members not as frightening for Kelsea - she was much more relaxed on the ride home. The bus also didn't take as long only about 50minutes - it took us like nearly 2 hours to get there!!!

As it was still early, Kelsea was going to meet up with some friends at Hollywood Studios to see Fantasmic! so I went with her to see Loren who was working that dayfor a wee bit and then I went home. It had been a pretty eventful weekend and I was so tired- too many early mornings and late nights!!

Well that was my big weekend, my next post will be soon as last week and this week I have also been pretty busy so lots to tell, till then Ta ta.


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