Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magic, Mardis Gras and Music!!!

So my last post was friday night and on Saturday we went to Universal Studios!!! And it was sooo much fun!!! That morning we got up super early!! Well, okay it was only like 7am but still it is pretty early for me - we always work late so we don't normally get up until at least 8.30am!! Anyway I met Matt, Sonia and Matt's friend Scott and we first took a bus to the Commons which is one of the four Disney College Programme housing complexes but only people in the cultural representative programme get to live there ): the Commons is just across the road from the Premium Outlets where we have to catch the I Trolley from. It is like a 40 minute ride to get to our stop but the view is interesting. We saw the upside down house, the largest Maccas in the world apparently and the Titanic Experience!!! Once we got off the I trolley we have to walk like 20 minutes to get to Universal but it was so worth it!!!

It is amazing! It is broken up into two parks - Universal and Islands of Adventure!! We first (after I bought my annual pass) went to Islands of Adventure and we rode Spiderman!! My so called friends told me the whole of the 3D ride was heaps of spiders and so I was scared out of my mind the whole way incase a spider jumped out at me!!! I hate spiders!!! ewwww!!!! Luckily there are no spiders in that ride except for spiderman and the ride is really awesome!! Then we went on Jurassic Park and got soaked and I lost my hat on the ride!! Little tip never wear your hat on a ride that goes downhill really really fast!! It was funny though because in the photo you could see my hat at flying at the back of the car!! Lol woops!!

After Jurassic Park we finally got to go to Harry Potter World which is so amazing I want to go back so badly!! We first went on the castle ride which is like a simulator rollarcoaster inside. You fly through Hogwarts with Harry and see quidditch, dragons, dementors (really scary) and spiders(extremely scary) I closed my eyes for that bit!!!! Then I explored Hogsmeade for a wee bit. They have all the shops like they do in the books - Zonkos, three broomsticks, Honeydukes. So awesome!!!! Then we went on the duelling dragons rollar coaster which is so much fun but the end makes you feel really sick and i was all dizzy when we got off lol!!! Also saw Hogwarts express!!!!

Then we headed to Universal and had lunch on the way at some mexican takeout place. I had quesidias?? cant spell which were really good!!
Universal was really fun we went on terminator2 in 3D which was really cool they have a combination of live actors and 3D and they keep interchanging so it is really awesome technology!! Then we went on ET which I loved when we went to UNiversal in LA 14 years ago!!! It was so cute!! Then we waited for the Simpsons ride which is a bit of a disappointment and I probably wont go on it again. The Men in Black line was really long when we got there so we decided to pass on that ride too!!

We finally ended up in Amityville and went on Jaws!! It is really cool and kindof scary in its own way -  that shark is massive!!! After Jaws Sonia and I got Ice cream from Dots as it was really  really hot!! Dots is this place where the ice cream is these little tiny balls and they dont look like ice cream at all it is really weird but apparently they have it in Oz as well!! Then we went on Disaster which is also pretty neat!! We got to be extras in a Disaster movie - the earthquake bit was pretty lame though compared to back home but I was a bit scared that it might be really bad so was actually reliieved it wasn't very big!! The flood and fire parts are amazing though!!

Unfortunately we had missed the last Beetleguece show so we didnt get to see that either, but we went on the Mummy ride which was my favourite thing of the day I think. It is a rollarcoaster and It was amazing - I was guttered when it was over because I felt it was too short!! Then we got to experience a Tornado on the Twister ride and I have decided I do not want to be caught up in one of those again ever ever ever!!! It was scary complete with the flying cow from the movie!!!

Then we met up with Cher and they all went on Rockit Rollar coaster which has a 90 degree incline!  But I was too chicken to go on it so instead I went to Shrek 3D which was really fun and then I met up with Sarah and Loren and we watched the Mardi Gras parade together. The people on the parade floats throw out handfulls of beads and some people end up with s***loads but I only caught three d*** my genes making my so short - all the tal people kept grabbing them before I could even touch them!! : (

After that we tried to find the others but for some reason communication either on their end or our end wouldnt work so we watched the concert -LIFEHOUSE by ourselves it was so awesome. They were really good even though I only knew like 5 songs I still loved them and I think it was a great first concert yay!!! Have finally crossed go to a concert off my bucket list!! Bring on Summer Concert series!!
 We finally managed to meet up with the others and booked it to the I Trolley stop so we wouldnt miss the last one- we made with 1 minute to spare! We were all pretty tired on the ride back so we decided to forego dinner as a group and just go home I mean it was like 11.30pm by the time we got home and I had to be up early for my adventure the next day!!

I will write more about that soon, So Goodnight!!


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