Monday, March 14, 2011

Work, School and lots of play!!!

So after the adventures of my birthday the rest of Sophia Loren Birthday week as we dubbed it (my middle name is Sophia and my friend Loren's birthday is the week after mine) went pretty well. I did work alot during that weekend. Two eleven hour shifts and one 12 hour shift in three days!!! However I made it through that, even the 5 hours on fryer during peak rush time - which sucked but I survived!!!

 On Wednesday I had class in the afternoon and Loren had training all day so we made plans to meet up at Epcot to watch Illuminations at night. I went with my friend Caymen whom I met at work and we met Narelle there. Loren and Sarah came a wee bit later after an adventurous and never to be repeated bus trip!! We watched Illuminations from the UK pavillion this time after Loren and Sarah sampled the alcoholic beverages offered at the Rose and Crown. The funny thing was that it had been storming earlier and although the rain had stopped you could still see the lightening flashes on the horizon throughout Illuminations and after! It was pretty cool!!

After that we went to Boardwalk to Jellyrolls to wait for Cody and Lauren (who were at work to join us). We were having a pretty good time until Cody and Loren came and pulled us all away to the Video Dance Party which was just like a regular club in New Zealand. We danced for a wee bit but then as it was late we decided to leave. Later that night Loren, Sarah, Cody, Lauren and I went to a place called Steak 'n Shake. The fodd was not that great and the service was terrible. Needless to say I don't think we will be heading back there anytime soon. Although I am told Steak 'n Shake's in Michigan are much, much, much better!!! We got home pretty late that night and my trips to Walmart, the Post Office and Property Control were put off. Again!! Later that day I went to my Leadership class which was much more interesting than it had been the previous week and then Loren, Cody and I were supposed to go to Magic Kingdom but we missed the bus and so decided to go to Epcot instead as the bus was right there. We ended up just having dinner and then going on Spaceship Earth before we went home again.

It was back to work on Friday and then today I have just made it home after a 6.45pm to 2.15am shift at Hollywood AND I have to work at 10.30am today so I really need sleep.. My roommate is tidying her stuff at the moment as we have our first inspection tomorrow and everything has to be perfect. And I mean perfect no smudges, dishes, laundry, shoes on the floor, or anything out of place at all!!!!! Got a bit of cleaning left to do myself tomorrow after work and hopefully, fingers crossed we pass!!

Well I am finally (after nearly two months) up to date with my blog!!! Whoop, Whoop!!! Congratulate Moi!!! Willl post soon!!!


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