Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Umbrella's seem to be my break in life

Okay first of all I am so so so glad that the cheerleaders have left!!! Yay!! The National Cheerleading Champs (yes, just like on Bring it On) have been going on since the beginning of February and today was the last day!!! This is also why I was working late last night because they had a private party and use of the park after hours.

Anyway so the new schedule for next week is out and I am being deployed to Epcot to work at Fountain View and the Electric Umbrella which seems to be my lot in life since ever since I arrived in America many (and I do mean many) feel the need to sing Rihanna's Umbrella song everytime they see me or have to say my name!!! It NEVER happened in New Zealand and here it is just ridiculous!! I am starting to hate the existance of that song!!! GRR!! hearing a song sung at you thirty times a day does that to you! LOL!!!

Anyway because of my deployment I have to get a new uniform and the only time I can do that is on Thursday so I somehow on Thursday have to fit that into my day as well as supermarket shopping and class from 1.30 to 3.30pm. I have looked it up and it is pretty 'sexy' a red shirt with black pants, an apron and a black and red baseball cap, but at least I don't have to wear the polka dots and sunflowers for a week. One of the people I work with was deployed there last week and she liked it so I am hopeful next week will be fun!!

Not much happening this week just Animal Kingdom on Wednesday although kind of freaky after a maintenence worker was hit on the head and died yesterday!! So aweful!!!!

well will write more once something more exciting happens, fingers crossed for inspection tomorrow!


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