Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm Singing in the Rain!!!!

Okay so we never ended up going to Hollywood Studios that last week of February due mostly to some ridiculously overreacting americans and someone (not me) walking into the wrong apartment. The situation was blown completely out of control and my friend spent a few very long hours being interrogated by the county sherriff and 6 cops!!!???!!! WTF!!!

Anyway after another week of work we finally made it to Hollywood - and we had a fantastic day. We first went on The Great Movie Ride which is okay but this time I went on it (as I had been on it previously one day after work) we had a girl gangster and it fully was pretty unrealistic. The guy gangster I had the first time was really cool. Unfortunately that one person makes or breaks the ride and so my friends didn't really like it. We also went on the Backlot tour and since my birthday was the next day my friends fully dobbed me in and I was chosen to be in the show on how they make an action sequence in a movie. I had to sit in this chair and was drenched with litres and litres of water like I was in the hull of a ship when it was being bombed. It was pretty fun and funny though!!! :)

After that we saw The Little Mermaid show which was a bit of a disappointment - it wasn't the best show I have seen while at Disney at all!!! Sarah, Narelle and I then met Sorcerer Mickey and Lotso from Toy Story 3 and Frozo and Mr Incredible which was really cool. Then we fully got our photo taken with Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen from Cars and got a photo standing on the lamppost with the umbrella like in Singing in the Rain - fully had my Gene Kelly moment in the 'rain'. It also really rains on you when you stand under the umbrella!!! And the umbrella does not protect you from the rain at all!!!

I also bought a pin lanyard that day and my first pin - Cinderella!! Fitting??? After that we had met up again with Loren and headed to RocknRollarcoaster! This time I managed to keep my eyes open but my head kept hitting the sides of the harness so had a bit of a headache when I got off. But then I rode Hollywood Tower Hotel (aka Tower of Terror) twice!!!!! Was so scary!!!

After Studios we headed to Disney's Polynesian Resort to meet up with Cody, Rufus, Kaz and Riyad who were ther with a friend from Norway who was leaving and wanted to watch the Wishes (Magic Kingdom fireworks) one last time. We sat on the beach at Luau Cove and watched them. They were really cool but we couldn't hear the music which is half the excitement of Wishes so that was a bit disappointing. HOwever Polynesian Resotr is AWESOME!!!! I fully felt at home!!! They have an Aotearoa building which I was excited about aand all my friends were like 'why do want a picture in front of a random sign?' I had to explain the significance of it. They also have a restaurant called Captain Cooks and it had Hawaiian flatbread so I had that for dinner. I didnt realise how much I missed ham, cheese and pineapple. It was sooo goood!! Iwould fully reccommend that hotel (or the Grand Floridian) to anyone going to Disney although it is one of the most expensive places. I also waded in the water at Luau Cove and the water at the beginning of Spring is warmer than what Caroline Bay in Timaru would be in the middle of Summer - Crazy!!!

Well that was March 2nd will post tomorrow about March 3rd :)


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  1. Nice log of a fully great day! So glad you enjoyed it all :)