Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!!

okay so my birthday started out pretty good. In the am my friends came around really early with balloons and fairy bread (yay for home comforts) and gave me both a Mickey Happy Birthday Hat and a tiara. I had to wear either of them the whole day. Then Sarah and I went to Magic Kingdom for the opening parade but unfortunately when we got there it wasn't on. We think this was because of morning extra magic hours for the resort guests so we will have to go back one day and try to catch that as apparently it is really good. Magic Kingdom on yoour birthday is completely magical. I had my little badge that says Happy Birthday and everyone said Happy Birthday to me the whole day. One of the people Sarah works with got the whole of Main Street to sing Happy Birthday to me which was embarresing but awesome at the same time.

First up wwe got photos in front of Cinderella castle and then we met the storybook princesses at Adventureland. Sarah really wanted to go on Splash Mountain so we headed straight there hoping the line wasn't too long and we ended up waiting only about 15 minutes which was good. Splash Mountain is really fun when you go over the big drops and if you sit in the front you get soaked. After the ride we went to see the photo and spent a little bit of time trying to decide whether to buy the photo or not, but then (our own magical moment) the cast member gave us as a free gift for my birthday, a photograph each!!! It was amazing and completely made ouur day magical. We then headed to Fantasyland and met Mary Poppins and then we rode Prince Charming's Carousel. I love that Carousel it is awesome!!!!! It makes you feel like a little kid again.

After that we waited the 40minutes in line to ride the Adventures of Whinnie the Pooh which is super super super awesome. I loved it!!! And I saw a Heffalump!!! Then on our way to watch the Dream Along with Mickey Show we saw the end of the Celebrate a dream come true Parade which is cool. Dream Along with Mickey show is in front of the castle and stars Mickey, Minnie, the original princesses, princes and characters like Hook, Malificent and Goofy!!! After that we had to head back as it was the first day of my  class "Exploring Leadership" we have David for this class and he is really cool and obviously passionate about Disney. It did kind of suck having to cut our birthday celebrations in half. However after class I caught a bus straight to Epcot to meet up with Sarah. We first got food cause I hadn't had any lunch yet and then we went on Journey into the imagination with Figment. It is a ride for kids but it was still pretty cool. And the little dragon-thingee 'Figment' is awesome!!!
After that I bought some more pins so that I could start pin trading.!!!! I have gone over to the dark side now!!!
As the lines were long for the other rides in Epcot we headed to Mexico to ride the Mexico ride starring the three Cabelleros(yay)!! Mexico has this really cool indoor market place set up to feel like a night in Mexico, but the ride was kind of boring. Then we went to the Great American Adventure and got brainwashed into thinking how great it was for 30 minutes. They kept telling us the amazing things that Americans had done but failed to mention many of the logistics and horrific things that went hand in hand with those moments. Some lady when it was finished said to me "Wasn't that great? So Inspirational!!!" I just stayed silent and grimaced slightly. It was ridiculous! But America is all about the patriotism here. There is even an independence float at the end of the electrical parade at Magic Kingdom. CRAZY!!!!

Anyway we then caught up with Cody and Loren and decided to have dinner in Morrocco, which was amazing. I love the food there it is the best I have tasted the whole time I have been in America. The couscous was divine!!!! lol!!!! Then we watched Illuminations!!! I love the fireworks there - they are really amazing and I am sure could give Sydney a run for its money!! lol

That night when I got back I was given icecream as a cake and had to blow out those magic candles that keep relighting ( I hate those things) and then Loren gave me a huge pile of presents. I was so tired though but it was an amazing end to my b'day!!! Lots of good vibes to ready me for my really long, long week - 48 hours over 5 days. But bright side I got paid 15 hours of overtime!!!!

Okay so sidenote - the other day my roommate saw a snake by the washing machines on the ground floor of our apartment building - i am so glad we live on the top floor. Now I am scared to do washing!!!


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