Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Star Wars

okay so Hollywood Studios has for one month Star Wars Weekends. This year it includes the opening of Star Tours which I went on a few weeks ago at the Hollywood Studios Cast only preview (so good working at Hollywood) it is a really cool 3D ride. They also have all the characters dressed up to sign autographs and take pictures - I am totally getting a pic with Darth Vader I love him-and he is the best character in Star Wars!!!!! Anyway so on Saturday I worked until 6.45PM so after that I went and met up with Narelle to watch Hyperspace Hoopla it was the most awesome thing ever and I want to go see it again. It is basically a dance and music show but they have really good modern music in it and all the star wars characters have a dance off. Of course the bad guys were so much better than the good guys and so they won the dance off lol until the good guys did an extra dance to we're not gonna take it - It was so so so funny. Anyway I work weekends so I am hoping to go get Darth Vaders pic on Friday morning as I dont start until 4 30pm. Can't wait!!

On Thursday I went to Epcot with Sarah from England. We managed to do quite alot for just spending the afternoon and evening there. We first went and got fast passes for Soarin which were for like 4.15pm and we got them at like 11.30am so It was pretty busy that day. Then we went on Ellen's Energy Adventure - the first time we went in I got a bleeding nose randomly just as the show started so I had to leave quickly to find a serviette - crazy two bleeding noses in two days and I never get bleeding noses!!! Anyway we went back for the next show and luckily my nose did not start to bleed again! Then we saw Chip and Dale so we got there autographs and a picture with them which was really cool as I hadn't seen them yet. Then we went and watched Captain EO which was the weirdest show ever. It is a 3D show starring MJ from the 80's (so he was still black -lol) but it was set in some futuristic weird 'neverending story' meets 'alf' meets 'star wars' so strange!

Then we picked up a fast pass for Test Track for 6pm and headed to World Showcase. We joined Kim Possible and helped her save the United Kingdom lol! Then we went to Morrocco for a late lunch after which we just walked around world showcase. We looked around a bit in Italy and then saw Mulan in China - I also got a photo and autograph as I hadn't got hers yet either. Then it was time to go to Soarin we managed to get a front row without asking which was awesome as that ride is just not the same if you aren't sitting in the front row. Then we looked in Mouse Gear for a bit until it was time for Test Track. I had got Sarah into Pin trading and so we both bought some new pins to trade. I also bought a March tinkerbell which is really pretty. I also pin traded quite a bit and picked up some new Cinderella pins to add to my Cinderella pin collection - I now have 6. Test Track was really cool and afterwards I got a photo in a yellow camaro. I rather fancied myself in that car it was very nice -except the steering wheel was on the wrong side lol!

By that time it was getting on so we went on Spaceship Earth and then the Maelstrom in Norway before grabbing some food before the fireworks. I had a churro finally which is like a donut but not round it is just a stick - it wasn't as great as everyone seems to make them out! We had a pretty good spot for IllumiNations (I love those fireworks). Then we headed home after that. Was a very good day!!

Friday I worked during the day and then after that met up with Narelle - we were going to go play mini golf but as we got there it pured with rain so we ended up going to Caribbean Beach Resort for Dinner. It was a pretty neat resort with a really awesome swimming pool and waterslides themed as a ship wreck.

Tomorrow I am going to go to Universal Studios with Loren and Jill. Should be fun!!


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