Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stormy nights

We have now officially arrived in storm season. The last few days have produced daily storms - rain, thunder and lightening. The thunder is incredibly loud and honestly as I am writing this I can feel my apartment building shaking cause of the loud thunder rumblings. The lightning also is very scary, being that I am not used to Forked Lightening which a lot of it over here is. And it absolutely buckets down sometimes for just a few minutes sometimes for hours - it is so crazy. But at least the afternoon rain cools the air temperature down a wee bit.

The last few days I have been busy working hard. I worked 12 hours on Sunday, 7 hours on Monday and 12.5 hours on Tuesday. On Monday and Tuesday I had training in the morning which consisted of coming into work early to take classes. On Monday we had Safety in Motion which was 45 minutes of extremely boring information on how to lift a heavy box or pick something up without stressing you muscles as much. Basically we got told the logical way of doing it which of course we don't know and have to have repeated to us a million times like babies - such a waste of time - so glad we got for it though. It was pretty funny though on Monday as we came into work for a 9.15am start and it was like 8.45am when we were walking through the park and since I never have to be at work before 10.30am I was like why are all these people just randomly standing in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard and why are they not running to Rock'N Roller Coaster and Tower or Terror like they usually do?? But it was because they were waiting for rope drop as it wasn't 9am yet and that is when we open!! Duhh!!

On Tuesday class was a bit better, we had Basics training which is basically just all the little things you need to remember so that guests have a better experience because of how we treat them. It was a long class 2 hours but it went pretty quick and was very funny. We even got to do a little acting stint where we had to act out a scenario of cast member/guest interaction in poor service, average service and Disney service!! Lol!!! It was very funny as Ashlea from Australia was talking about a you tube video about  silly question guests ask and she said the video was really "taking the piss out of them". And me and the English girls where the only ones who understand what she was talking about - so funny that a sentance we take for granted isn't part of language over here.

They also don't know the words heaps or spitting but we use them so frequently - it is very interesting the differences in the linguistics of different countries that both speak the same language!

Today was my day off and I spent the morning of it at Magic Kingdom with Narelle. We even managed to make it in time for the morning show which was really cool - they even sang Good Morning from Singing in the Rain - my favourite musical of all time!!! W then went and waited to see Rapunzel and Flynn again from Tangled as Narelle hadn't seen them yet. And then we saw Aladdin and Jasmine and Ariel and Eric as well which was awesome as I hadn't seen Ariel yet. We had lunch at Columbia Harbour house which makes really good tuna sandwiches and then we rode on Haunted Mansion as is tradition for us when visiting Magic Kingdom. We also rode on the Train, but we were the last train ride for a while as the weather became 'inclement'. After that I headed to property control and bought a dress which was scaled from $32 to $8 and a 20 cent bracelet, a $3 jewellery box and a $2 toy LGM from Toy Story which I have been wanting for ages!

Well, I will write soon - stay strong in Christchurch my thoughts are with you

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