Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rain, rain go away!

So I believe I left off the day before we went to Universal Studios. Well that was an eventful trip we were going to go to Harry Potter World but we ended up just staying at Universal and not going to Islands of Adventure much to my dissappointment - anyway I get ahead of myself. On Wednesday morning Jill, Loren and I got on the I-Ride which takes you pretty close to Universal for only 25 cents so it is worth the walk considering it is like 25 dollars for a taxi plus tip one way. We didnt really check which trolley it was as they both go to the same stop anyway. However Loren freaked out and thought we were on the wrong bus and so she asked the bus driver if it went to universal and he was like no. Remember this is America and if they dont take you to the front of the park then they dont go there - they also dont believe in walking either. Anyway so we got off the bus and I looked at the map and sure enough we couldve just stayed on the bus and got off at the right place for a 15 minute or so walk up the road to universal. Lol!

Anyway we were in the middle of nowhere really - and when I say nowhere we were really outside this really fancy hotel called The Peabody. Anyway so we met up with this girl at the bus stop who was trying to get to Universal too and she seemed normal (seemed being the operative word) so we asked if she wanted to share a taxi with us instead of waiting for the next bus - she was very strange though once we got in the taxi. It was weird needless to say we ditched her once we got to Universal.

You know how the weather is always horrible on your day off - yes well that is what happened 5 minutes and i kid you not after we arrived it started pouring down - thunder and lightning. Loren and Jill really wanted to go on this massive roller coaster called the Rip, Rock It Roller Coaster - it is horrific. You go up like 30 metres at a 90 degree incline and then straight back down at an almost 90 degree decline - and after much pressuring, whinning, guilttripping they managed to force me onto that roller coaster. OMG I am never doing that again - it was so awful I fully thought I was going to die. The only cool thing about the roller coaster is you get to choose a song to play in your ears while you are riding - I chose Born to Be Wild because I needed something to help me get through it. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Of course it didnt help that they only opened the ride for about 30 minutes while there was a break in the rain.

We also went on the Mummy ride - which I love even if it is a roller coaster. That ride is so much more fun. It has scary moments but they are fun at the same time. The only issue is that the ride is so short I wanted it to keep going. After the coasters we had luch at this 50's themed diner - which kind of looked like burger king on the inside. Then since as I wanted to go watch animal actors show and Loren and Jill wanted to go on Simpsons and I had already been on Simpsons and thought it was boring - we split up. Animal Actors was awesome, not as good as the one in California but still pretty good. They had this really cute pig that would run across the stage - so funny! After the show we all met up again at the Kwik-E-Mart. We tried on Simpson wigs and looked at all the stuff there which was pretty cool. We also saw Shrek, Donkey and Princess Fiona and got photos with them. After that we didnt really do anything else as it was raining pretty hard and the thunder and lightning where together right above us so after checking out the merchandise stores we left getting soaked in the process. I did buy an ET doll though which is really cute!!

On the way home it cleared up as is always the way - but we decided we would have a roast dinner and celebrate the Calderwood Family reunion. We had been wearing Disney Family reunion badges all day! The Calderwood family stems from Pop Century when we first arrived - Loren, Jill and Sarah all shared a room and their welcome said Calderwood Family. I was adopted into the family as I met them the next day. Lol!! We went to Publix  and managed to find Australian Lamb - there was no kiwi lamb, but that is obviously as it is too expensive to sell at Publix. We also bought Aussie wine - coz it was like 20 bucks cheaper than the kiwi wines Lol!! It is like how the Aussie's banned us from competing in their wine awards cause we always win!

Dinner was fun Loren and Jill cooked it for me and Sarah and it was really good. So nice to have Roast again - only thing that was missing was the Roast Pumpkin - I miss it so much!!! Sarah and I decided we would have to cook them meals in return!


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