Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meeting Darth Vader!!

On Thursday I had a pretty lazy day I just watched videos, Cross stitched and did my laundry. Friday morning I didn't start wrk until 4.45pm so I decided to go to Star Wars weekend at Hollywood. It was awesome - I first went and bought a 2011 Star Wars Weekend Pin for my awesome pin collection - It is a Darth Vader one as I love him - he is my favourite!! Then I lined up to meet Luke and Leia - they were pretty cool - I had my pin lanyard on and they were very impressed by all my medals - they supposed I had been awarded them for my heroism in The Clone Wars. lol! Then they asked if I was an intergalactic traveller and I told them I was that I had come from the galaxy of New Zealand. It was so funny!!

Then I was headed to find Darth Vader as I love him - I may not have mentioned that! And I saw Queen Amidala so I got a photo with her as well. And then I found where Darth Vader was but he was in the parade that was happening at that time so I got some lunch and then waited in line. He wasnt going to be back for like 30 minutes but there was not very many people in front of me in the line so as soon as he did get back I got a picture. It was much better than waiting 90 minutes as the line usually was. He didnt talk but he did breathelike in the movie!!!! It was so amazing! And the character attendant was like 'Remeber to be on your best behaviour Lord Vader is not allowed to incinerate you here but who knows what he could do later' and then someone must have called him Anakin cause he got all angry and the attendant was like 'Lord Vader does not associate himself with the name Anakin Skywalker anymore - do not refer to him as such' So funny!!! After that it was quite by luck but I managed to find the line to meet actual Anakin Skywalker. He was really cute!!! So exciting to meet him and he was really in character! Loved it highlight of the day! Afterwards I went back to Jabba's hut to see if I could meet C-3PO an R2-D2 and after a little bit of disappointment when Leia came out I finally got to see them. It was really good luck cause I was close to the front of the line and Luke came out so I was initially guttered and then both the droids came out with him. Yay!!! And Luke remembered me and let me get a photo with the droids!! Yay!! Then I went to work which was pretty boring as only a few of my friends are still here - we are getting new people in but they don't seem as fun as the old bunch, but there are a few hopefuls!

On Saturday night my friends from New Zealand arrived and so we made plans to meet up on Sunday morning at Magic Kingdom - I had to go to work in the afternoon though, but we managed to see PhilharMagic and ride on the Carousel, Winnie the Pooh and Haunted Mansion and then we had lunch at Columbia Harbour House which was pretty good. I left them to watch the 3 o'clock parade. Work was long and boring and I closed dishes which took us two hours as noone had been on dishes during the day so they had just mounted up - was so crazy I thought we would never be finished!

Monday I had managed to give away my shift so I didn't have to worry about going to work. We went to Animal Kingdom in the morning and saw Finding Nemo and The Festival of the Lion King, both shows are amazing!! I will record them one day so everyone can see them! Then we went to Epcot and rode Spaceship Earth, Figment, Living with the Land and saw Circle of Life. We didnt get to go on Soaring as the queue was between 75 and 95 minutes long while we were there.

Tuesday we went to Hollywood Studios and watched Beauty and the Beast, which I love to pieces I wish I could just stand in the wings of that show!! We also watched The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and American Idol Experience and rode on The Great Movie Ride. I had to work then so we said goodbye and arranged to meet for dinner at Downtown Disney the next afternoon. We decided to go to T-Rex which is themed like the era of the dinosaurs - we sat in the Ice Cave which changes colour. And they also have a meteor shower every 25 minutes. Was really cool and the food was so good - very delicious. That was the last day that they were here so we said goodbye then.

Thursday was another lazy day doing more laundry, cross stitching, watching movies and tidying my room and I went to walmart and cleaned out my section of the fridge.
Walmart was where I was attacked by evangelicals wanting me to visit there church - it wasn't even a real religion - so it could've been some creepy cult or something, but I just stuck to my guns and was like I am a Catholic and I am quite happy being Catholic, thank you very much. I was very polite, Nana you would be proud of me. But they fully were difficult to get rid of telling me I could have a greater connection to Jesus - honestly who are these people to tell me something like that. Definitely almost a MAX situation - I could have been kidnapped by the crazy cult people in Walmart now that would have been a story!!
Americans are weird about religion apparently you arent a Christian if you are Catholic or something like that becasue they are different??? I think the gist of it is that they use the word Christianity to describe someone who believes in God and goes to a "church" but is not a part of an organised religion like Catholic, or Anglican or Baptist - it is very weird and confusing and I gave up trying to understand their concepts!!!

Friday was back at work but just for a short shift only 6.25 hours, but I had gone to bed late the night before so I was so tired so when I got home I just crosstiched, and cleaned my room a bit.

My shifts for the next week are all morning shifts (groan) but they give me plenty of room to earn more money by extending until closing!! So Yay!!!

Narelle and I just this morning made plans to go to Magic Kingdom to see the princesses on Wednesday and to play Mini Golf at Fantasia Gardens on Thursday so yay!! I love having plans!!

Will write soon


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