Thursday, May 26, 2011

Spooky! but oh so fun!

Okay so I actually forgot to include some things that happened in my last blog namely my trip to Magic Kingdom with Loren and my behind the scenes tour of the Haunted Mansion.

Okay so the Haunted Mansion tour happened on Mothers day. I had to get up at 5am as my friends were picking me up at 5.30am so we could get to Hollywood Studios before 6am which was when we were meeting everyone else. The tour was a special trip for Sunset Ranch Market cast members and there had been more people that had put their names down but obviously would rather sleep, so in the end there was only about 9 of us that went. It was so much fun though, that I would have been guttered if I had missedd it. We all piled into a van and one of our managers took us to Magic Kingdom where we headed to Haunted Mansion. As we were all Hollywood cast we weren't quite sure where to go to get to Haunted Mansion from the tunnels but we eventually found our way there. We firstly got to walk through the ride with the lightd on and touch, observe and learn about how everythings works and we were also made aware of backstorys and the locations of the hidden mickeys as well as hidden jacks (as in Jack skelington from Nightmare before christmas) that are hidden in the ride. Then we got to go downstairs into the ballroom which is a the first room where you actually see ghosts. We got to see how the peppers ghost effect works and got to hang out in the ballroom with the ghosts! lol!! Then we were taken into the stretching room where the walls stretch and we were told to lie on the floor and we got to experience the "shrinking" room. It is like the ceiling is closing in on you - it was really fun. Afterwards we rode the ride before any of the guests had come and so we could take photos - it was a really good tour - so I am pleased that I got to experience that!

Two weeks ago I also went with Loren to Magic Kingdom at night after work. We watched Wishes from Fantasyland which is cool because you can see where the fireworks come from, but you have to keep turning your head to see them all. We ate at Pinocchios Haus again and rode on the Carousel twice. Then we went on Tomorrowland Speedway and I saw my friend Natsuko from Japan who used to work with me but changed jobs in the middle of her programme like I will be doing.

This last weekend has been long - I went with Rebecca and Kristen to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - It was pretty good so much better than Pirates 2 and 3. Then Saturday and Sunday I worked. Saturday was very hot and long I had a 10.75 hour shift. I started at 1.45pm and I didn't get a break until 10.20pm - so I was standing up for over 8.5 hours. I was so tired, but I did only have to close register and all you have to do for that it take out the 'trash' and put the covers on - it usually only takes 15minutes. I also got to be greeter for 3 hours so I got to stand in the sun and say hello and have a great day to people with my Mickey hand on - was fun and a got a slight tan!! It did make me tired though being out in the heat.

It is basically always in the mid 30's now. And we are almost into Hurricane Season. Apparently they expect 3-6 massive hurricanes in Orlando and like 10 other tropical storms. Last year apparently they didn't have any and the weather doesn't want people to get lulled into a false sense of security.

Monday I went in the morning to Magic Kingdom with Rebecca - we basically just went to see characters - I finally saw Fairy Godmother and Peter Pan. We also saw Mickey, Minnie and Princess Tiana. I wanted to see Ariel and Eric but the line was massive so I will have to go back another day. We also rode on the Carousel - I love that ride and Pirates of the Caribbean as they have changed it to include Blackbeard! We also watched the parade whic I hadn't properly seen since I first got here.

Today and Tomorrow I have off and so this morning I went with Beasley (Sarah has now become this as I now know two Sarah's) and Narelle to Blizzard Beach It was pretty fun, but I did not even attempt to go down the two massive slides - they looked way scary and I really didn't want a massive wedgie! lol!! But we went on all the other slides and they were all fun! On the last one I came off and Narelle and Beasley are like running up to me asking if I was okay and what happened and I was totally oblivious until they told me I had a bleeing nose. I have no idea how it happened so it must have been either the fast and steep drop or the fact that I got a nosefull of water at the end??? Anyway I was fine, but since that was the last slide to go on we just went and had lunch before leaving anyway. Blizzard is very strange it is themed out with snow everywhere and the sun bounces off it so it is very bright.

Tonight I am going to go and watch Fantasmic at Hollywood Studios as I haven't seen that since I first arrived either and Tomorrow I am going to Epcot tomorrow probably!!

Off to Walgreens now to buy those essentials that you just can't live without


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