Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Deployed to the Most Magical Place on Earth!!!

Saturday and Sunday I was working all day, except on Sunday it was my first day being deployed to Magic Kingdom. It was very different than working at Hollywood Studios. Firstly costuming is not on the way to work so I made sure I was there an hour before I was due to start. The Tomorrowland Costume was black pants and a grey (supposedly) futuristic looking top. It is pretty horrible really!! Do not know what the costumers at Disney are thinking sometimes!! At least my pants fit better than they did at Epcot!!

 After getting my costume I had to get on another bus to take me to the Utilidors - these are tunnels that run underneath the Magic Kingdom so that Cast members can get around without having to walk onstage. At Magic Kingdom you cannot go anywhere on stage unless you are in your 'land'. So if you are dressed in Fantasyland garb you cannot venture into Liberty Square etc. At Hollywood Studios the theme is a working ste so we are allowed to be anywhere in our costumes on stage!

The tunnels are quite difficult to navigate at first and I kept having to look at the maps to figure out where I was - even so I still managed to get lost and end up in an area where there where no other people around in. However finally I manged to find a helpfull cast member who showed me where to go, unfortunately I was 3 minutes late so I recieved a half point for being late. Guttered!! Anyway the people at Tomorrowland Terrace were really nice and since I was deployed with so many people from Sunset it was pretty fun and exciting to be working at Magic Kingdom. We could see the castle from where we worked and could see the parade. It was a lot of fun. Only bad thing was that it was so slow. I managed to get an ER after 10 hours as I was supposed to be working 12!! So glad that I could go home a little bit earlier and go to bed!!

Monday I spent the day with Loren, Sarah, Cody and his family. It was a lot of fun. We sunbathed and played Monopoly. It was a pretty fun day. Afterwards Sarah went to work and Cody and his family had reservations for dinner at Ohana, so Loren and I decided to go to the Grand Floridian for dinner. We could never afford to eat at Victoria and Albert's which is like one of the most exclusive restaurants at Disney, but we ate al fredo at the quick service restaurant there. After that we were going to watch the fireworks but then we got the idea to take a boat back to Polynesian and watch them from the beach. However after we got on the boat we thought we would just stay on the boat until the fireworks started. People pay like $300 dollars to watch the fireworks from a private boat, but we got the same view for free as our boat driver drove really slow bck to Magic Kingdom so that we could watch the whole show from the boat - it was amazing!!!

After our fireworks display we got off at Polynesian and heade home - it was pretty late and while I didn't start work until later in the evening I was going with Sarah and Loren to Magic Kingdom in the morning before work.

Tuesday morning, Loren and I, first went to Walmart as I really badly needed to buy new work shoes as I honestly did not believe the ones that I had would last me another day! After that we met up with Sarah and got a bus to Magic Kingdom where we went on the Laugh Floor and then met Pinocchio and had lunch at Pinocchio's which was pretty cute! Then we were going to go on Big Thunder Mountain but it was closed! So we headed over to Tom Sawyer Island which none of us had been to yet and were all a bit skeptical of. However it was pretty fun. They had these mines and undergreound tunnels and Loren had fun hiding behind corners and jumping out to scare me. It was funny though. We also found the fort and got to shoot guns which made a real gun shot noise when you pulled the trigger and we walked on the barrel bridge which was really fun, but I swear I almost fell off at one point as it is really unstable to walk on! lol!

After that it was time to go to work so I went into the tunnel sand got changed and luckily this time I wasn't late! It was a pretty fun night working with Tori and Kayla, but then Tori got her ER and Kayla and I were too scared to ask if ours had been approved so we eede up staying until 10.30pm that night. However because we were there late we got to watch Memories and Wishes at work!! So Awesome!!

Wednesday I worked in the kitchen which was especially boring and never have I been so glad of an ER except perhaps for Thursday when everyone else I knew had been ERd and I was stuck bussing tables in the hot and very humid weather. The only upside of this was that I got to watch the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade and Dream Along With Mickey show from where I was working. Yay!!!

Friday and Saturday were my days off last week and Friday could not have been more boring! Loren, Cody and Sarah were working so I just amused myself in my flat all day =(. Saturday I went with Sarah to Hollywood Studios in the morning. We drew Jiminy Cricket at animation drawing class and I bought a crossstich of Cinderella Castle. It is massive and will most definitely take my like a year to complete, but it will be awesome. It is very intricate - demonstrated by my idiocy when I miscounted and had to unpick quite a few stitches today, losing my needle in the process. I just cannot fathom where it went as it seems to just had vanished into thin air.

We also saw Sully and Mike from Monster Inc. We had previously seen Mike the day before my birthday, but hadn't seen Sully before. Then we explored Streets of America and browsed through Writers block. I found pleny in there that I wanted to buy. We were going to go to American Idol, but Loren had texted us to meet up with her so we decided to go again another day. We had a spot of lunch before the bus came and then met Loren at my apartment and watched funny videos all afternoon. After they both had left for work I watched lots of movies and started my crossstitch.

oskay so I am almost up to date - my next post will be back at Sunset yay!! and the downs and ups of Sunday and Monday!!!! aka my true life fairytale!!


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