Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Celler - and So Long Friends

So I know it has been an extremely super long time since I last updated but I have been pretty busy just working and the one time I had the timae and inclination to write bloggerwas down forsome reason. But today I am hopefully going to update til today.

I left off at the beginning of May after I had been deployed to Magic Kingdom. That Sunday I was back woorking at Sunset and since I was scheduled to work the next day on Monday and it was the Spring Formal I was aasking everyone if they would take my shift or knew someone who would take my shift. I had basically given up on ever finding anyone to swap shifts with so I was kind of depressed by mid afternoon. All my friends had managed to get the night off and I was going to have to work. At that moment I honestly knew how Cinderella felt when she couldn't go to the ball. Lol!! Anyway seen as I had had asked everyone that I knew one of the people I worked with saw this other girl and asked her and she said she would take my shift! I do not think I have ever been so happy as I was at that moment. We had to get it approved by our managers and I pleaded with them so hard to let her take my shift. And finally they said they would take care of it. Was rather ironic as it was the manager that I don't really like that sorted it for me!! Anyway after that I was so so so happy I was dancing around backstage. Was so much fun!!! Once I finished work I texted my friends to let them know that I was able to go and they were so excited!!!

Monday I met up with Loren in the afternoon at Studios as she finished work at 3pm. We had decided that we were going to get our faces painted for the formal. The face painting at Disney is amazing. Some of the designs are really spectacular. Anyway since my dress was black and purple I had a purple designs with black stars and glitter. It was really pretty. After that we went back to Loren's and got ready. Sarah then came over and we went to Cody's where we took photos and had a drink before heading to Coronado Springs Resort where the formal was to take place. The decorations were set up as if we were in a basement I suppose. The event was called "The Celler - A Lavish Formal Affair presented by the Disney Villains" and many of the Disney Villains were there. It was so much fun lining up to get photos with some Disney Villains that you don't normally get to see. The ones I got photos with were Hades from Hercules, Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmations and Malificent from Sleeping Beauty. We also saw Lady Tremaine from Cinderella, Jafar from Aladdin and the Evil Queen from Snow White, but we didn't get a photo with them as there was just not enough time to get all the photos. There were so many people there that we had to wait sometimes nearly an hour to get a photo, but it was worth it. Hades was so scary and Cruella was very good - it was almost like she was drunk or high, but she was so funny!! The strangest thing was that the dance had chaperones - which was so ridiculous as everyone there was over 18. All of us from NZ and Oz thought it was really crazy.

Once the characters had left we decided that it wasn't the greatest music - so we leftand went to Magic Kingdom as it was only llike 10 pm. We thought it would be fun to get photos with the princesses as normally we feel really underdressed when standing next to them. Sarah and her friend from work Kim and I went and it was so much fun. After seeing the princesses we got a photo in front of the castle and tehn went on the carousel which was so much fun. Since as we had dresses on we had to sit side saddle which was actually fun! lol!! After that we went to one of the merchandise shops in fantasyland which I had not previously been to. One of the cast members sprinkled us with loads of pixie dust - I loved it!! Then we spent an hour in Emporium just looking at all the stuff that we wanted to buy before we left!!
All in all the night was really fun. Loved it!!!

After that I haven't really done all that much except work for the past two weeks. All the friends I had made at work have been leaving and it is so sad as some of them I probably won't ever see again. Of course I have issued an open invitation to anyone who comes to NZ that they are welcome to stay with me and I have now got friends in many states in America that I can stay with if I ever happen to be in those cities. Not to mention Thailand, China, Brazil, India and Japan. It will be good next week as the new CPs from America will be arriving and there are also people from England coming and other places in Europe so hopefully some of them come to work at Sunset so that I can make friends with them!! Yay!! There is three new girls at Sunset that started last week and I have talked to two of them so far. They are really nice so I hope that we will be good friends. Joanne is from Canada and Sarah is from England. It is really nice to have someone to talk to who knows about Rugby and Cricket and Netball etc and who understands me when I talk. I have decided that of all English speaking countries, New Zealand obviously has the hardest to understand accent. Every time I open my mouth I feel like I have to repeat myself. Apparently our I's and E's sound exactly the same and they can't distinguish between d and z, and t and d. It is very strange.

Last weekend I went to Pixar Weekend at Epcot and got to meet characters from A Bugs Life, Ratatouille, Up, Monster Inc and Toy Story 3. I loved it!!! I only wish that I had more time as it didnt start until 11am and I had to leave for work at about 1pm as I started at 2.15pm. I also went to the Studios Cast exclusive preview of the new Star Tours ride - which is the ride based on Star Wars. It was really cool we saw Darth Vader and Yoda - yay!!! For the next month at Studios we will be entertaining Star Wars fanatics every weekend due to the Star Wars weekends. It kicked off today and people were lining up since last night to get in. They had heaps of tv crews coming as it was the official opening of star tours and George Lucas was there. Studios was supposed to have like 50000 people there today and usually a busy day is over 26000. So glad I didn't have to work today.

Tonight I am going to Pirrates of The Carribean as It came out at Midnight yesterday. Very excited - hopefully it is better than the last two they were terrible, but at least Keira Knightly isn't in this one!!

Well better go I am now up to date so will try and update agin soon. Back to work tomorrow.


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