Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to School!!

School has gone back in the United States!! It was kind of strange watching the back to school stationary ads etc in September. The Northern Hemisphere people thought it was hillarious that we have our back to school ads in January! (IDK) Because of all the kids headed back to school, the amount of people at the park hs gone down considerably so our show loads are not as hectic!! Unhectic shows are soooo much nicer than the hectic ones as the guests aren't as cranky :)

On a better note all of us Epic cast members have been hanging out! We have been to Cici's (a pizza buffet place) twice now and we have a dinner at Earl of Sandwich at Downtown Disney for Silvia's goodbye! I can't believe she is leaving - Epic will definitely not be the same without her! We have plans to meet up in Italia! when I make it to Europe and Silvia promised to take me to Vatican City even though it is like 8 hours away from where she lives, but still should be fun!!!!

Also I have people and plans to go to NYC in October apparently this is a pretty good time to go as it won't be too cold but not too hot either and not as busy as it can sometimes be. I am going with two girls from NZ who came over in July and my days off have been approved -so just need to book flights and accomodation and "Thunderbirds are Go!" Lol.

Tomorrow is my day off and seen as I did my washing and cleaned my room yesterday I am taking the day to visit Animal Kingdom with Sheila, who is a new American CP (college program) from Epic. She just came last week and we both have the day free so we thought we would hit up the Animals before saying Goodbye to Silvia =(

Next week I also have plans to finally see Harry Potter World at Universal properly with Ashlea so very excited about that -Butterbeer here I come!!!! Maybe we will eat at the Three Broomsticks???

Well I will keep you updated on whats happening in my somewhat adventurous life (basically I work and sleep!)

PS My roommate from France leaves this week as her programme is finished too so I will be getting a new roommate from goodness knowss where soon!


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