Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goodbyes and Hellos

so I am now settled into my new job. It has been a while since I last wrote so there is a lot to catch up on. First off there is a Kiwi working at Epic with me - so excited to have a friendly kiwi to converse with. Her name is Kimie and she is from Auckland. She is very nice and now since I have been at work a while I have had the chance to meet other nice people as well. Lindsay, Ari and Reggie are all CPs from America, then there is Richie he is really nice too but he isn't a CP. There is also Silvia from Italy - I will hopefully be able to visit her one day and Camille from Paris and Cem from Turkey. I have also met a few other people who work in my area but not at Epic but I have only chatted to them for a few minutes in the break room. It is sad and annoying though as all the CP's who work at Epic presently are leaving in the next month so I won't have the chance to hang out with them or get to know them better which is  a shame but hopefully lots of new CP's will come in to replace them.

Last Week was Sarah's last week too as her her programme finished as she headed back to England. On the Wednesday I went with Sarah, Rebecca, Kolbi, Sascha and Alyssa to Applebees after they had finished work. It was sad!! And then on the Thursday Rebecca, Sarah and I went to IHOP for brunch. That was exciting as it was something I wanted to do since I got here. IHOP is in all the movies and now I can say that I have been there. I had pancakes with maple syrup and it was sooo good!!
After that we went to this massive discount store and I found earphones for only 4 dollars and they actually work (amazing). Then Kolbi came and picked us up and we took Sarah to property control for the last time, unfortunately it didn't really have anything that good. Then Sarah went to have dinner and hang with her English buddies on their last day and Kolbi, Rebecca and I met up with them later on that night for Wishes. It was so sad saying goodbye to Sarah - I have only known her for 3 months but it feels like I have known her forever. We are really good friends and I cannot wait until I head to England to visit her!! We have so many plans for our travels around the UK and Europe - we are going to go on the Chunnel! and have tea at The Ritz and go and watch Wimbledon!!

Wednesday afternoon I also hung out with one of my other English friends - Collette as it was her birthday. I met up with her and some of her friends at Hollywood Studios and we went on Star Tours, Muppets 3D and Tower of Terror. We also had dinner at 50's Prime Time Cafe. That was the best dinner ever, it was so much fun. Basically your server acts like a parent and you are all the kids eating dinner in the 50's so they tell you to wash your hands, elbows off the table, put your napkin on your lap, ask permission to leave the table, eat all your vegetbles etc etc It was so funny cause you get yelled at and all the kids tell on their parents. HILARIOUS! So much fun and pretty decent priced as well - I definitely want to go back there!

Then Collette and her friends went to Fantasmic! I was going to go too, but it was Sarah's second to last night so I decided to hang out with her as Collette will still be here for another month so we will have heaps of time to catch up later =)

Last night I spent with Sarah and Cody and some of his friends after I had finished work - I took a bus, a monorail and a boat to get to Fort Wilderness and just as I get there It Rains!! Murphy's Law!!! So we ended up just going to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then Sarah and I walked back to Vista cause we both had work this morning and the others were headed out on the party bus!!!

Work definitely has its bad parts and its good parts. Basically work is great except for the extremely rude people. If people listen and are polite and friendly then we love them - people who don't listen and are rude and grumpy we hate. Most cast memebers will do anything for nice people but we hate it when people treat us badly and so we are less inclined to help =) If you want something - Be Nice to Us!

Well that is my little vent I will write soon


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