Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kuwa Macho Wajangili!

So folks, I know I hate that word too but I have to say it about a million times a day at work, anyway I know it has been like a month since I last updated so this post may be in two parts - it depends on how bothered I can be to write today - plus new season of America's Next Top Model is on in an hour.

So my last post finished with me heading to Animal Kingdom the next day with Sheila who is from Idaho and works at Epic with me. We had a pretty fun day - we went on Safari although we didn't get to see many animals for some reason. We also went to see the Lion King show then we rode Dinosaur - my favourite ride at Disney seen as it is the only ride that actually freaks me out. I get petrified on that ride every single time. After that we rode on Expedition Everest and then watched It is Tough to be a Bug ( I actually kept my eyes open this time during the spider scene - Last time I saw the show I was clutching my roommate, Amanda's arm and had my eyes squeezed tightly shut. Finally we finished up at Finding Nemo The Musical. It was such a fun day we travelled back in time to the late cretaceous period, visited Africa, Asia and Australia.

After Animal Kingdom Sheila and I heade back to Hollywood (Studios) to pick up Ashlea after she finished work so we could go to Downtown Disney together for Silvia's goodbye dinner at Earl of Sandwich. To get from Hollywood Studios to Downtown Disney though we have to catch a resort bus to a resort and then catch another resort bus to Downtown Disney. We ended up going to Carribbean Beach resort. There was this really cute kid who kept telling everyone which bus was coming - it was hillarious, his mum asked if Disney hired 10 year olds cause he was perfect! Lol

When we finally got to Downtown Disney we were early by about an hour so we explored a few of the shops and then met up with Richie from work who was also early. We ended up having to wait for like another 30 minutes coz everyone else missed the bus from Vista. Eventually we all arrived and we ate our Earl of Sandwiches which was very good. Silvia was pretty sad and took photo's with all of us. Afterwards we walked down to Haagen Dazs and some people got ice creams or milk shakes. It was a great last get together for Silvia with all of her work friends. It was good as Richie and Jason gave us all a ride home.

The next day Silvia and I went to a Nail Salon near The Commons and I got a manicure which was so much fun and I am now addicted to them! Silvia got acryllic nails stuck on and she was very excited as it was the first time she had ever had nails on as she bites hers. After that we went shopping at the premium outlets and Silvia nd her awesome Italian fashion knowledge helped me to choose a perfume - which was ver expensive. I really want to buy a really expensive perfume from Dulce and Gabbana before I go home!!

For Silvia's last night we went to a housing welcome event and had free pizza and just hung out and talked for a bit - we also saw some other people there who said goodbye to Silvia. It was very sad to have to say goodbye to another friend - I think that is the absolute worst part of this experience having to say goodbye to some of the best friends I've ever had.

Okay ANTM is on now so I will write very soon with the rest of my last months I promise


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