Thursday, July 21, 2011

Well...It has been a while....

Okay so It has been quite a while since I last wrote but the truth is I have just been so busy the last two weeks that I haven't been able to find time to write. Okay so after Independence Day work was pretty much back to normal and although I was sad to leave I felt pretty stifled in the job. I was definitely ready for a change and was definitely counting down the days until I changed jobs. For those of you that don't know the Australia / New Zealand 12 moth programme entitles you to two jobs -each 6 months long. So for the first 6 months of my programme I worked Quick Service Food and Beverage and for the second 5 months I get to work Attractions.

That Wednesday was one of Loren's last days off before she (on the 6 month programme) goes back home so I spent the day with her. We firstly went to Animal Kingdom in the am. It was amazingly fun - we rode Dinosaur (my favourite thrill ride at Disney) and watched Festival of the Lion King - I love that show!!!!! We were going to go on Kli River Rapids but the line was like 80 minutes and honestly ythe length of the ride does not constitute a wait time of over 10 minutes! So we skipped that one!

After Lion King we were getting a picture with Donald and this guy calls out for people to volunteer to have a song made up about them and Loren in her infinite "meanness" volunteers myself!! It was very embarressing at first but the song was actually amaazing and afterwards Loren got a song written about her too! Best Magical Moment of the day (or eva) but I still have 6 months to go so maybe something even better will happen!!!!

After AK we headed to Magic Kingdom where we rode Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (my favourite Rollar Coaster at Disney) and we got to eat dinner at Casey's which is this food joint themed for a baseball concession stand so they sell hotdogs aka "american hot dogs" and cracker jacks and candy floss etc it was pretty cool. Then we watched the fireworks from the train station. It has an amazing view but someone had the bright idea to build a giant flag pole right in the middle of the view of the castle so it sucked for taking pictures or videoing the show!!!

Thursday was official Lazy Thursday with Sarah and Rebecca my buddies from work. W e watched movies all day and enjoyed junk food and Pizza as well! Such a fun day and we didn't even do anything. In the early afternoon this massive storm blew over top us and some massively close and massive lightning and thunder right above us caused the power to go out for like an hour right in the middle of our movie watching. We couldn't even get the dvd out of the dvd player to watch on the computer. The annoying thing was that after about an hour the power came back on for like 10 seconds and then died again and this kept happening for like another 20 minutes!!!!We didnt even have internet so we had to just sit around staring out the window and talking - was kindof exciting though!

That is the thing they don't tell you about Florida though - they said it would be hot and that it would be humid and that it would rain for an hour or so every afternoon. They did not tell us that there would be massive thunderstorms every other day or that it would down pour for hours at a time some days - the amount of rain they get here is crazy!!!!

Anyway I promise to write soon this time


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