Friday, July 8, 2011

Indendence Day

So this is my 50th post! Wow I cannot believe I have actually been writing this for so long - I am never able to keep up a diary or journal so I am quite proud of my 50 post accomplishment!!

Last Saturday I didn't start work until 4.45pm so I went to Hollywood Studios with Loren. She finally made it to Toy Story and we both made it into the 90,000's with our score as on this ride you sit in little carts and have to shoot at 3D virtual things like plates or balloons or ring toss etc. It is very fun but definitely not worth the wait of over an hour that some people wait. The other day it was a 2 1/2 hour wait - Crazy!!! Anyway If you are just in a two when you go on the ride you get to skip half the queue - which is so brilliant!! I have almost made it to beaver!!!

We also went to American Idol and Star Tours. After Loren went to work I went to drawing class and got to draw piglet!!! I think my piglet is pretty cute =)

Work that day kind of sucked - but it wasn't as bad as the day before where I got soaked walking to work and then had to change my costume after an hour of condiment bar and had wet shoes all day!!  We had to get new shoes which would be fine but they were too small, but my other shoes were wet so I wore them however it was entirely uncomfortable!

Sunday I gave away my shift so I was able to go and see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom!!!!!! This was amazing as they were the same fireworks that would be shown at Magic Kingdom on July 4th for Independence day!! They were so cool! I spent the afternoon at MK by myself of course. I went to property control in the morning with Loren. I also took my shoes back and managed to swap them for a size bigger they are so much better now that my pinky toes aren't cramped. It amazes me how small american's feet are - in NZ I wear about a size 8 which is just below average but here I wear a size 9 1/2 and the average is like a 7-8. So strange!!

I bought at property control a photo album, some pins, Disney playing cards, a Hollywood Studios T-shirt and the cutest little outfits for my dog and cat - so excited for them to try them on! Liddy you must send me a pic of Abbs and Precious dressed up!!

After dropping my neew stuff off at home I headed to MK and hung out all day by myself. I watched the 3pm Parade and the Mickey float broke in front of me - I was a wee bit worried for those people that are friends with Characters in the parade casue it was ridiculously hot outside, but they finally got a little cart to tow the float for the rest of the parade.

I also went to see PhilharMagic (Love it!), Carousel of Progress, and since it was independence day - Hall of Presidents (I was almost falling asleep in that one!) I also visited Beasley at work, pin traded, ate dinner and window shopped!! Was a very long, busy day!! People were lined up at like 5pm for the 9pm fireworks - I got a position at like 8pm and my friend Collette from England arrived just before they started she had been working. I filmed the fireworks and they were just magnificent - they completely surrounded us!!

After the fireworks we watched the electrical Parade and then Memories show as Leroy who also is from England and works with us and who had met up at with us after the fireworks, hadn't seen them before. It was mental when they were over as everyone was trying to leave the park at the same time! Crazy!!!

Then it was back to work for the fourth! I was lucky enough to be able to watch the last 5 minutes of the fourth or July Fireworks at Hollywood Studios from outside my work. They were incredibly pretty and I really want to see if I can find them on Youtube so I can watch the whole thing!

Well I will write soon,


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