Friday, July 22, 2011

A new Job!

So Saturday rolled around and we finally got sent an email telling us the location of our new job. My email said Hollywood Studios Icon Attractions - so of course I was like wat is Icon Attractions??? Anyway after a wee bit of asking around I finally found out that Icon Attractions are: Star Tours, Muppets 3D, Indiana Jones, American Idol, Jedi Training Academy and Great Movie Ride. So I would be at one of these attractions. I was just so excited that I wouldn't be working at The Honey I shrunk The Kids Playground - It is very boring there apparently you just yell at kids to go down the slide feet first and tell people they cant bring food into the playground (yawn) But Yay!!! cause I don't have to work there!! So of course I wanted to know exactly where I would be working but unfortunately I would have to wait until my training schedule was sent to my managers at Sunset and that wasm't until Thursday.

My last week of work at Sunset I had aweful shifts 3 of which were closing Dishes. Luckily I am so seasoned at Dishes now that I can get through with pretty much lightening speed, especially if I have good people to close with!!

On Wednesday I basically had a lazy day but I did get to Walmart and my awesomely brilliant mum gave me some money to buy clothes so I got four pieces of clothing for like $45 bucks was v good!!! The rest of the day I just lazy bummed around watching tv shows.

Thursday was Loren's last day as a cast member so we went to Property Control - but unfortunately there wasn't anything good there on that day which sometimes happens. Some days are crap and other days are brilliant for good finds!! I did buy some pins for my collection from Cast Connection though.

After that we went to Hollywood Studios with Cody, Sarah and another friend of Loren's and we got to watch Beauty and the Beast from the VIP section which was really cool - plus we had the good singer!!! I also got my training schedlue and found out I would be working at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! not my first choice but anything is better than the playground!!!!! So, excited that I finally knew where I was going to be working. We then met up with Ruth and rode on Toy Story twice and I finally got to the Beaver - yay!! Both times I was a Beaver but I did improve on the second time so aiming to just keep getting better every time I go!

After that we went home for a wee bit (ie a shower cause we were all sweating pretty bad (eeeeewww) I know it is gross but it is so hot and humid here - cannot wait until October hits and the humidity dies down a wee bit). Then Ruth, Loren and I headed to Epcot as the others were going to ditch us to see the Harry Potter midnight showing! Losers!!! lol

We had dinner at China and went on Test Track - I love that ride. We were going to go on Soaring but Loren didnt want to miss her last showing of Illuminations which was very good I just love the music that accompanies the fireworks it makes them spectacular. I think Timaru should have music to the New Years Fireworks as they use many of the same fireworks that disney use lol!!!

Once Epcot closed we went to Jelly Rolls which was alot of fun. I love that place!!! And we even went to the Dance Hall and all did the cupid shuffle!! lol!! Later at like 3am we went to Dennys and I had Pancakes for $2 and Bacon but the bacon is weird here it is fully hard not just crisp like it is back home so I didnt really like that - but the pancakes were really good!!! I did feel pretty sick though. I think it was most likely a mixture of the alcohol, sun, lack of sleep and probably dehydration - but once I got to bed I was fine. Friday though I had to get up early to go with Loren to the hotel as I had reserved the room and needed to show my cast ID for the discount before I started work!! It was very weird being back at Pop Century as that was where our whole Disney journey started!!

Because all my friends are leaving I kindof feel a bit sad that I am not going home as well. Not because I don't like it but because all of the absolutely amazing and lifelong friends I have made here are all going to leave me and I am needing to make new friends again. But then I think of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and I am glad that I will get to experience all of those events both in America and at Disney!!!

On Saturday I got up early and made Afghans for all my work friends to sample. I was quite surprised noone knew what an Afghan was even the Brits and Aussies , as I didnt realise they were a NZ invention. My last teo days were sad - but was good knowing I could come back and see some of my friends who will still be at Sunset. I took loads of pictures with everyone so I won't forget them!!

Sunday was the last day to spend with Lorena and Narelle ever until we go to Australia or they come to see us. I met up with Loren in themorning at Downtown Disney and we decided to go on the Balloon - it is a hot air balloon that goes up 400m and you can see almost all of Disney from the air. It was a pretty windy day so we only just managed to get on but we had both wanted to do it from the start of our programme so we were glad to get it ticked off!! We went with three of Loren's friends from work and we all ate at Earl of Sandwich together afterwards.

After that we went back to Pop Century and I burned Festival of the Lion King, Illuminations, Wishes and Disney Wishes! (CDs which Loren bought at Property Control) to my external hard drive - I love the music and am so excited to have it yay!!! Then we went to Hollywood Studios and I got them in on my Main Gate Pass which means I aonly have 2 days left on it now =( Then I had to go clean my apartment and go to Walmart to get more phone credit cause I had run out so I met up with them again at Magic Kingdom for fireworks - but we also went on Laugh Floor and for some unbelievable reason we also went on It's a Small World. We watched the Fireworks for Loren's last time - and I had a great spot but due to unforeseen circumstances involving food, Haunted Mansion, pins, a phone not working, bridges, people and confusion I managed to get separated from the others - but I just met up with them at the train station later and we took pictures with our old ganag from Pop Century again!! lol

Then we had to say goodbye and tears were shed - they never told us we would have to say goodbye to so many great friends and great people!!!!!!!

Well this is the end of the first half or my programme let's hope the next 6 months are just as fun-filled and rewarding as the first =) !!!!!!!

Write Soon


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