Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Only 8 Full Days Left!

OMG!! Only 8 full days left until I leave for my Disney Experience. That is really scary. Well, what have I done...

I have decided to go with 1Cover for my insurance. It gives pretty good cover and for minimum cost - only $746 and then an extra $25 to get rid of the excess. My dad's insurance broker read through the policy wording and said that it was okay and I am aware of the small print which I think is really important when taking out insurance. The people who have trouble with insurance I think don't read the fine print and that is why they complain.

Anyway I have started packing and I am only allowed to have on 23kg bag checked - which totally sucks because that is not much stuff at all. I have been extremely economical with clothes and other things and when I weighed my bag this afternoon it was already 23.5kg and I still had some stuff to put in. So mum and I went through everything again and managed to get rid of a few more things to make my bag c20kg.Which gives me a couple of kgs to add in those few things that I need to. Which is only 3 shirts, 1 pair of shorts, an alarm clock and my contact lenses.

The next few days are going to be busy with catching up with everybody before I leave. So excited but goodbyes really do suck.


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  1. Hi Ella
    I am going to disney in July, and was thinking of booking 1cover as well, glad to know that it's approved by an insurance broker!