Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Kiwi Christmas

First of all I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and have a good New Year!!

It is now only 3 1/2 weeks until I leave for the USA. It is both exciting and scary. I think the whole experience of it is starting to sink in. I will be spending a year away from home without seeing any of my family or friends. But I am also extremely hyped to be heading over there. Mum and Dad bought me a whole heap of kiwiana and travel accesories for Christmas, including my very own stuffed kiwi to take with me. =)

Even though I have everything sorted in my head, there is still a lot of things to organise in the next couple of weeks, namely sort out my insurance - because I have been lax and left it until the last minute.

I also need to figure out how much clothes to pack etc. I have sort of started packing - I have actually put all the things that I am taking but will not be using until then into my suitcase. The only problem is that my suitcase isn't very big and I want to take my tramping pack to the US aswell incase of weekend trips away etc (airline only allows for 1 bag -  which sucks )= )
My pack takes up most of my suitcase so I have to be very economical when packing and only take essentials.

I did think I would be able to get away with only taking cooler clothes and a jacket but with the weather like it has been over there this winter I think I might need some warmer clothes as well and they always take up more room )=

At the moment my cousins are up from Cromwell  and it has been really fun catching up with them. We all went to the Caroline Bay Carnival that takes place every year for the two weeks after Christmas Day. We went on the ferris wheel and played 'Housie' which was lots of fun. My 10 year old cousin and I both one a 'house' so we got to bring home lots of Goodies. And we are planning to go to the circus at some point over the next few days as well!!!

Looking forward to the next weeks, but it is a bitter sweet time as well,
Next time I write will be very close to heading off,


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