Monday, December 6, 2010

Nerves and excitement

So I t has been a while since I updated, but the truth is not much has been happening. I am still trying to scrape together the money to pay for my insurance and then a few more dollars for spending money once I get there. I have got a room and a roomate at the Pop Century resort for the nights of the 20th and 21st after I arrive, so that will be fun. There are a few other Kiwis and Aussies staying there too so hopefully we will be able to catch up. I know that there is some sort of shopping tour that a few of us are keen for on the 21st so that should be fun.

Everything else seems to be under control. I have had to change my flight from Auckland to LA but with all the issues with Qantas' planes it is maybe a good thing, though it does mean that I have a short connection at LA only 2 hours and 15 minutes, but hopefully I will make it.

We got our results back from last semester and I have passed all my courses so everything is all go for graduation next week. While I am up in Christchurch then I am going to sort out my ISIC card and hopefully get some UC merchandise.

Well not much else to say except that I am getting really excited and nervous as there is only 6 weeks until I leave. I am totally freaking out!!


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