Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New York I love you!

So today I worked 12 hours at Jedi - which is a pretty normal Jedi shift me and it also helped me get my hours up this week to over 45 - which is super good. Tomorrow I am back to Epic, but now thanks to my manager and my friends Romulo and Ashlea I only have to work at Epic once next week yay!!! And my hours have been upped yay!!!

Okay so after work tomorrow I am going to a workmate Jenny's house for an "Icon" (that is the area at Hollywood Studios where I work in attractions) christmas party to watch christmas movies etc. So that should be fun.

On the second day of our New York trip we got up pretty early but we had actually slept for about 11 hours the night before so we were pretty well rested. We had breakfast in our little hotel and I made my first waffle for breakfast although the waffle iron did bring back dreadfull memories of my deployment to Epcot when I spent hours and hours making waffle bowls for ice creams - I never ever want to see a waffle bowl again as long as I live!!!!
Then we caught the Subway into Times Square again cause we were going to buy tickets to a broadway show, but on that particular day the ticket box office didnt open until 3pm so we ended up subwaying down to the bottom of Manhattan and buying tickets to Lliberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty. Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the distance was very exciting - it made me feel like I really was in New York City! We bought tickets and ended up having to wait for nearly an hour and a half just to get into security so we could board a ferry to Liberty Island. Security was almost as bad as the airport but at least we didn't have to take our shoes off.
This was where I had my very first New York vending hotdog and also a pizza pretzel. Both were very delicious.
Once we got on to the boat we got a spot on the top deck so that we could see the Statue of Liberty - it was like in Titanic when they sail past only it wasn't raining. When we got to Liberty Island we decided to look in the gift shop and I bought a new york pin for my pin collection and a statue of liberty charm for my charm bracelet. Then we had lunch at the restaurant on the island. It was very crowded inside but outside there didnt seem to be too many people about, but it was very cold and windy the day we went which most liekly drove a lot of people inside. We didnt end up buying a ticket to go inside the statue but we took pictures of it - it is massive!!! and we also took pictures of manhattan from the island which were also very cool pics. When we were trying to head back to Manhattan the line was cut literally right in front of us, which was ironic as we had prophesised that happening on the way over (and it hadn't). The boat ride back was extremely windy and so we sat inside. It was very choppy and almost scary when we were trying to get off and the shihp kept rocking up and down - I always have bad luck when it comes to rough weather and boats.

Once back in Manhattan we subwayed back to Times Square to get in yet another line for tickets to see a broadway show. It was kind of difficult to decide on a show as we all wanted to see different ones. In the end the only show we all could agree on was Mary Poppins so we bought tickets to that show at the New Amsterdam theatre, which was absolutely gorgeous although not very big compared to theatres in New Zealand. It is similar to theatre in Chrsitchurch in that the reception area is very small and it is more impressive vertically than horizontally. Mary Poppins itself was a mixture of the books and the movie. It was very good and the woman playing Mrs Banks was fantastic. The kids in the show were kind of annoying thouugh and far less likeaable and pitiable as in the movies - but the overall show was excellent and the songs were amazing.

Continuing on our day of eating New York food we decided to have New York Cheesecake for dessert. It is vanilla flavoured and was actually delicious and I do not even like cheesecake - but I liked that cheesecake.

Anyway I will leave of here as after that we just made our way back to Queens lol even though it was extremely late (or early) and we were a tiny bit worried - we were fine.

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