Friday, December 16, 2011

The day of queues

So last night I actually ended up having to go the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party as the tickets were sold out for Friday which was the day I was planning on going. Yesterday was my last chance to go so I had to take it. I am so glad I went though, Cinderella's Caste looked absolutely breathtaking. It was so beautiful as they had the Castle covered in lights that looked like icicles. They also gave out delicious cookies and Hot Chocolate for free. I ended up watching the parade twice as for the first time I watched it I had a bad spot so I could only really see the floats. But then I got a hot chocolate and a cookie and I had a good spot to watch Magic Memories and You, but they added a christmas (holiday) part into it and it replaced my favourite part of the show which was kindof sad, but we are going to Magic Kingdom tonight after Graduation so hopefully we can watch the real show. yay.

After that we saw Holiday Wishes which I liked but it is definnitely not as good as normal Wishes which is just beautiful and gives you warm fuzzies when you watch it. Then they had a holday version of the castle show which was very cute and the music was really cool I have this "Must be Santa" song stuck in my head now. After taht I found a  really good spot to watch Mickey's Once upon a christmastime parade -over in adventure land. There was noone standing in front of me so I got a good spot for taking a video of the parade. The best part though was that half way through I turned around and two of the country bears were standing right behind me watching the parade - it was so crazy!!! I ove Disney sometimes!!! After the parade I headed home before all the rush of people and since I was by myself I kindof didnt want to do anything with just me. I did line up toget a photo with minnie and mickey though!!

Day Three of our New York Journey was a long one we had decided that we wanted to go to the 9/11 Memorial so we had to go the preview site to get free tickets at 10am - we managed to get a 1.30pm time slot so we then took a yellow cab to the Empire State Building and waited in about a million lines to get to the top. You entered into the lobby and there was like noone there so you went up the escalator and turned the corner and suddenly there is a line. So we lined up for security, then we lined up for tickets, then we lined up for a picture, then we lined up for the first elevator, then we lined up for the second elevator - but we just decided to walk the 6 stories to the top - it took forever it wasnt really six staircases it was more like 10. Then we had to wait for someone to move so we could see the view which was amazing you could see the whole of manhattan and new jersey, queens and brooklyn and even the statue of liberty. It was a pretty okay day so we got beautiful pictures of the city. And I finally got to see central park. Then we had to line up for the elevators back down , but we ended up walking and then the line for the next elevators went straight through the gift shop so we stopped and browsed and i bought another pin with the empire state building on it. We finally made it back down to level ground and took another yellow cab back to the 9/11 preview site, but then we had to walk to the actual memorial which was about 5 minutes away. We were very close to the financial district so we saw a whole park full of people protesting Wall Street, but it looked very peacefull to me they were just chanting and holding up signs. (The crazy thing about all this is that American police are so brutal towards protestors even if it is peaceful they still use brute force - which I think is absolutely crazy and why I would never trust anyone in the American police force) A lot of things I have seen on American tv would never be gottonn away with in new zealand there would be an uproar!

Anyway we had to queue up again to go though security and to get into the memorial, but it went pretty fast considering the line was so long. The Memorial was very beautiful even in its early state of completion, they had massive fountains where each tower was and all the names were carved on the sides. Some were very sad as it would say 'La La and her unborn child'. I even remembered some of the names from when we watched the memorial on tv on the 10th anniversary.

After the site it was freezing so we went and had kebabs at this little place that we found up a random street - it seemed to be where all the people who worked there came for lunch. they were really good. Then we caught the subway back to Times Square as I wanted to go to another show so I waited in the line to for tickets and Hannah and Brittany explored Times Square a bit. I eventually bought tickets to Billy Elliot. Then we went to The Museum of Natural History. We only had an hour there but we saw the dinosaurs and the african cats, it was fun but not as cool as I was expecting they didnt have a lot of human exhibits and I realised that is what I was more interested in ( since I studied Anthropology - it really should be too). We took pictures outside though which was awesome coz it is exactly like in the movies so that was fun and then since the museum is right across from central park we walked through a bit. Even though it was incredibly cold it was still beautiful!! I am in love with central park I could live in New York just so that I could walk through that park everyday it is gorgeous. The movies don't even do it justice.

Then we went back to Times Square and I went to watch Billy Elliot. Which I loved it was beautiful. The only sad thing is we could never do it in Timaru cause we could never find a kid that brilliant to play billy. The boy was amazing. My favourite bit is when young billy and oder billy dance  a pas de deux to swan lake. It was incredible absolutely breathtaking.

Well that is it from me for the moment, I have to go and get ready for graduation this afternoon - i cannot believe it is almost over allready it feels as if we have been here forever and then it feels as if we just arrived.


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