Tuesday, October 4, 2011

May the Force be with you!

So about 3 weeks ago I was crosstrained at the Jedi Training Academy. This means that I now get scheduled either at Indiana Jones or at Jedi. The Jedi Training Academy is a pretty cool experience for 4-12 year olds 'cause they get to learn a light saber routine and then fight the "dark side", usually they get to fight Darth Vader but sometimes they fight Darth Maul. It is pretty funny watching the kids fight. Some of them are really into it and practically smack Vader around instead of doing what the Jedi master is telling them to do and then some of the little ones barely hit anything, but they are so cute.

On Thursday that week Ashlea, Sheila, Angela and I went to Animal Kingdom which was fun we rode on Everest twice and Dinosaur and Kali River Rapids and We went on Safari which was cool, because although we didn't see many other animals we had an awesome view of the Lion which never happens! We also got our pictures taken with the characters which I haven't done in Forever!!!!

The best news came aswell, my friend Loren who left in July got a job on board the Disney Dream Cruise Ship and will be coming back on October 11th for traditions and then to start her job - so we are all very excited to see her again! Life at Disney has been less adventurous since Loren left. At the moment I am trying to find someone to take my shift on the 12th so I can hang out with her the whole day!

The last few weeks I have mostly just worked and slept as I am in the process of trying to save for my trip to New York City in tw weeks!!! aah so close!

Ashlea and I one wednesday ended up going to Florida Mall, which was fun as I hadn't been to the Mall yet while I have been here. It was massive and it wasn't even a large mall - it was tiny apparently. To give some perspective it was probably about 4 times the sie of Riccarton Mall. I was so lost but they luckily had maps! We went to Forever 21 which is now my new favourite store - I loved the clothes they had there! and so cheap you could get tops for like $5! CRAZY!! We also went to Victoria's Secret which was pretty fun - they had some really nice things there! Lol! Then we went to Macy's which looks just like Farmers except it is all brands like Ralph Lauren and GAP and everything costs like $200! We also went to American Eagle and JCPenney and a few other shops. I am going to try and go back there before my trip to NYC because I need some warmer clothes!

Well I will try and write soon about Hallowe'en


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